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HSI Professional Argan Oil

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Ready for some exotic shine, girls?

Discover the Moroccan 'liquid gold', the product your hair needs for constant nourishment and incredible shine! The essential nutrients contained in this magic-in-a-bottle product are meant to give your hair a very healthy look, lots of shine and velvet smoothness. This is a leave-in treatment conditioner which feels really light on your hair, without building up residue or being greasy.

HSI Professional recommends the use of Argan Oil as an extra thermal protection before styling your hair with tools such as the flat iron, the hair dryer or the curling iron. It is suitable for all hair types, and you will just be sorry you have not discovered it before! It tames the frizz, it gives a lovely scent to your hair and it makes it soft and shiny. It really seems like your hair is in for a fabulous treat!

  • Instantly Makes your hair silky, shiny and gives it a healthy look.
  • leave-in treatment for all hair types.
  • Residue free, non-greasy, ultra light.
  • Can be used before styling (flat iron hair straightner, dryer) for extra thermal protection
  • Flat iron thermal protector.
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Lorri B. W
This product is amazing. I have thick coarse hair with lots of body that usually needs lots of product, work, and time to get it smooth & straight. I received a sample of HSI argan oil with the HSI flat iron. I work about 4-5 drops in my wet hair. The first thing I noticed is how soft my dry hair was, even before using the flat iron. After straightening my hair with the HSI flat iron, the results are even more amazing. I have recreated the salon look at home! My hair is smooth, straight, and silky. Plus, the look lasts all day even in the summer humidity. I love this product!

A free sample of this came with the HSI straightener I purchased for my girlfriend. She tried it with her first use of the straightener, and was instantly in love. As someone whose hair was very damaged due to multiple dyes, she is always looking for a boost to help it out. After using this product and the HSI straightener, her hair already felt better! After several uses it was almost as if she'd never dyed it! I will gladly purchase more of this, as it seemed to help way more than other, more expensive options!

A little goes a long way. My hair is silky smooth and I used my iron every day. My hair is thin and prone to split ends, but this seems to keep my hair protected.
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I was very pleased with this product. It was less expensive than similar products, and it works very well. Makes hair very silky and shiny (and I have very wavy hair). I recommend!

I love this product. I noticed immediately after use the instant shine and softness of my hair. I absolutely love this product. I also have the flat iron that is made by the same. Overall, great well spent purchase. Oh it is true that you do not need a lot of the oil to apply to hair. Just a little bit will do. I typicall apply a dime size amount onto my hair. Background on my hair: I'm an African-American, Native American and white. My hair is fine grade and I haven't had a perm since Feb 2012. This product in conjunction with the HSI flatiron straightens my hair out better than my beauticians. Enough said :)

This product reminds me of Morraccon Oil but is a lot cheaper. Plus is has such a great, exotic smell! I love it!
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Hsi Argan oil is the best substance I have ever used. It leaves my hair shiny and glossy and it doesn't way it down. It only takes a dime sized drop and I had better hair. ;)

I love the product, especially for my natural hair; my hair feels silky soft and easy to manage in any style. However, the item comes in a very small bottle, so it doesn't take much. I am going to order my second one soon.
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Carolyn J Gonzalez
This product is great. It leaves your hair feeling silky and shiny. Since i use my flat iron often, it feels good having extra protection. Thanks.

Smooth, not sticky and can last longer. Never try this product before and I'm so happy with it now.
A must try product.

This product is a great.leave in to protect from heat. I received a sample with my HSI flat iron and it has been great!

K. Spath
This product reduces frizz and keeps hair feeling smooth without adding too much oil. A little goes a long way so this product should last for a while. Smell is nice as well.

I left this product in the bathroom and my 25 year old daughter seen it and also tried this product. We were both very pleased. Your hair is so soft and smooth!!! Great product!

TN Woman
I got the HSI iron and Argan oil. They work great together. The oil somehow leaves my hair perfectly smooth and shiny without making it feel or look greasy. Very happy.

Stiletto Wearing Goddess
Received a trial size bottle of the oil with my flat iron purchase and I was quite impressed! I put it on before blow drying my hair and instantly noticed a difference. My hair was smooth and manageable. I usually have very frizzy hair after i blow dry and I noticed that wasn't the case after using the oil. I could easily run my fingers through my hair! The end result after using my HSI straighten was amazing. My hair looked great! I was actually contemplating cutting my hair soon but now that i have these great products that give me long straight healthy looking hair I don't think i want to!

Love this product! A great add-on to use w/HSI ceramic flat-iron. It gives my hair the polished & sealed look that you get when leaving the salon. My new must-have product. 5 star rating.

This oil left my wife's hair very soft to the touch and smooth. She loved the frizz control that the oil was able to give her hair. My hair soaked in the oil. Would recommend to anyone.

Danaysi Ortega
This oil is amazing! I tried it when I bought the HSI iron, and loved it. I have very thin, wavy, frizzy hair that has finally been tamed by this incredible product. It smells great, and it definitely does not leave my hair oily. I bought other products that claimed to be argan oils, and they were nowhere near as good as this one. It doesn't have an ingredient list, which could only mean 2 things, its only ingredient is argan oil or they just don't want to reveal the ingredients. Either way I would like to find out, but it doesn't really matter because this product really works. The only down side to this is the price, but I do not need any other product for my hair when I have this one, so in that sense I'm definitely saving money.

First off, I have short (3-4"), thick, curly brown hair that is wavy in spots, and decided a few days ago to try to style it with a hair straightening iron. I didn't know whether the iron came with any oil so I went ahead and ordered a 5oz bottle of Redken oil (their 'Smooth down Heat glide'), to later find out that the iron included a sample of Argan oil. I decided to give the sample a try and the results actually turned out pretty nicely even before I'd started using the iron. To me that was a surprise because I have trouble finding a hair gel that will keep my hair in place! The Argan oil smells sweet; I like my antiperspirant, shaving gel etc. odorless, and the Argan oil smelled pleasant however maybe a bit too intensely for my tastes. Compared to the Redken oil, the sample smelled 'darker' or 'heavier', for lack of a better descriptor. Then again, I didn't notice much of the perfume after I'd styled my hair with the iron. The Argan oil does make my hair shiny (which I love) and like I said, it works wonders for keeping my hair in place. It has been 2 days since I ironed my hair and it's still straight, even after I took a shower this morning. (I know going out into the rain instantly undoes my styling efforts whenever I use Heat Glide, but I *did* try to keep my hair dry in the shower.) It didn't feel dry or greasy before I stepped in the shower either, so the sample did a good job there!
I will have to see how the Redken oil compares in combination with my new hair iron, but I will consider getting a larger bottle of Argan in the future and I think I can safely recommend the Argan oil if you have difficult hair.

Sister Triple T
I really liked how this item was packaged and delivered. I didn't even expect the extra things that came packaged with this product and let alone the great price. I used the standard delivery which can take at least 7 business days and it was delivered to me in 3 to 4 business days. I didn't expect the glove, the small container of oil and the red silk cover for the flat iron...Wow! I purchased this flat iron to have as a backup cause when my hair dresser's (who is my niece) flat iron died on her she couldn't do my hair and I needed a relaxer and my hair needed to be done real bad. She didn't have the money to get one right away so I ended up purchasing one for her as an early birthday present cause I needed my hair done. Since one of the hair product stores here was having a sale on flatirons I asked her which one to get and she preferred a Chi which this particular store did not sale plus they are too expensive but she said an Ion works just as good as a Chi. She use to own a real good Chi that cost over $100 and her second flatiron was an Ion flatiron and she told me that the Chi died out on her like about a year but the Ion lasted about two years.
I figured I would purchase one for my self just to have as a backup and decided to order the HSI flatiron after reading the reviews from Amazon. The shipping and packaging is great! My hairdresser tried both the Ion flatiron by using it to style my hair on one side of my head and the HSI on the other to see which one works the best. She also used the oil that came with the HSI cause she left her oil that she normally use at home. I can say that the Ion did work best but the HSI still did the job. I can say that it did straighten my hair and I wish I could post a photo on here cause the next day I took a picture of my hair and went to work and got a few compliments that my hairdo was looking good and that I looked good. So far my HSI professional flatiron has only been used once so a few more uses and if I can get on here and give an update I will try my best to do so. Oh and when I showed my hairdresser the package that my HSI flatiron came in she said, "EW I like the bag that it came with, mine didn't even come with a bag". She was also surprised at the cost...
Oh and one more thing...I did post my photos on facebook and got compliments from friends and relatives.

Tari Hisime
I have never been very successful with styling my hair on my own. That was until I had my hair cut and I purchased the HSI hair straightener and the HSI Argan Oil. Since then, using the Argan oil before I begin styling, I have noticed a positive difference in the health of my hair. My hair is shiny and smooth and easier to straighten. I love this product! Thanks so much!

I ordered this product on the basis of the reviews it received on Amazon. I was ordering HSI's flat iron at the time and people were raving about the iron as well as the oil. This product is similar to Moroccan Oil I have used but it's not as expensive. I also like the smell of HSI's oil better. It has a nice clean scent where the Moroccan Oil has a heavy scent. Other women with frizzy hair said that the oil and flat iron combined kept their hair from being frizzy. I guess my hair is just weird because it frizzed up a little within a half hour after I finished styling my hair. However, it didn't frizz as badly as it would have if I had not used the oil and HSI's flat iron together.

I received this oil when I bought my flat iron ad I was really surprised at how just a small amount made my hair silky and shiny I really liked it and will probably buy a bottle when I run out.
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Ashley depriest
this product works wonders on my hair. My hair is extremely thick and hard to straighten, however with thisoil and the HSI straightener, what used to take me at least an hour on a good day now takes about 25 minutes and my hair is nice and smooth!!! I would recommend this product to anyone with any hair type.

This oil makes my hair feel great and it works well with the flat make my hair feel soft without being to oily. I'm really glad I came across this product.

Along with the HSI iron, I got a sample of this amazing oil. I must say that my hair never look as flat and beautiful until I used this products. I'm really happy with the results, so I ordered a new bottle. Trust me, you won't regret buying it, my hair is wavy and heavy and this helped quite a lot to keep it shinny and beautiful. Just try it, you have nothing to loose :).

Now here I am, a grandma with silver hair using the HSI flat hair iron I purchsed online through Amazon and really loving it. The leave in conditioner protects and helps to make my hair as sleek as a model's. My hair has never looked so wonderful and I am a changed woman with silky hair that keeps its style all day. Never happened to me before!! And the compliments keep coming. If there were 10 stars to review, this hair miracle would get it. It's Amazon for me.


A gift to my wife for use as a backup straightener, but she prefers this new one to her old one now. She says that it really improves the texture of her fine hair, and it curls and straightens much better than the old iron. It heats up fast and has a wide range of temperatures. Consumers who don't like the location of the temperature dial might want to consider that some people actually prefer that location because the temperature stays put once it is selected, unlike side dials. HSI The Styler Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener, 1 inch

Brown Sugar

The Argan Oil leaves my hair feeling so good and it does wonders for my scalp, which promote growth of my hair, leaving it silky and shiny. I will keep using this product! Purchased from Amazon saved a trip to the store and cost less, most important, Satisfaction or money back, Win,win situation.

Fantastic Protects my hair and leaves it looking and feeling silky smooth after each pass with my HSI flat iron - which is also fantastic. I had a CHI previously and the HSI rivals it EASILY at a fraction on the price. I have coarse fine hair and these products leave my hair looking great! 

Great product
Susan Newton
My hair is so shiny when using this product. I have only used for a few weeks now so can not tell if it is helping shield my hair from high heated styling tools. But so far no problems and love the shine my hair has.

Lori Davis
HSI argan oil is great! It leaves your hair so soft and shiny! I love it and use it every day. It is very versatile. You can use it in wet or dry hair and helps keep the softness especially when hair is processed and flat ironed.

HSI Flatiron
My first experience with a flat iron hair straightener. It was suggested that I only purchase a CHI, but because of price and not knowing whether I would like using a flat iron, I wanted a less expensive one. This is perfect for me. Definitely recommend.

Wonderful Product
Marilyn Bessonen
This HSI conditioner is wonderful, using it with the iron that I ordered for my daughter's birthday. Both she & I are pleased with both products. Your hair will be silky, shiny & still hold a great curl from the iron. If you are hesitant to try it, go for it, you won't be dissappointed. The customer service from this company is outstanding, they will resolve and problem or answer any question you have about your purchase. I will not heistate to purchase from them in the future.

Great product
Finally, something that works on my frizzy yet flat and oily hair! This product is oil but so light, as other reviewers have said. I just put a couple drops in my hair then use the hair iron. Leaves my hair soft, shiny, tames the frizz. Looks like I just left the hair salon. Also still looks good the next day.

Staci Shoemake
This argon oil treatment is absolutely amazing! My hair has never been so soft before! It makes my hair feel soft and beautiful. I haver very wavy and unruly hair, but this makes it so manageable! It is worth every penny!

The HSI Professional Argan Oil is a phenomenal product that left my hair feeling silky smooth and frizz free. I used the product prior to styling with the HSI Professional Flat Iron (also a phenomenal product!). It really protected my hair from the heat styling and made my hair shiny, while adding a beautiful sheen to my hair and highlights. And, an added bonus, a little goes a long way! I have already recommended this product to friends and am looking forward to hearing if they like the oil as much as I do.

C. Olson
I received a small sample of HSI argan oil when I purchased the HSI Flat Iron. I have thick, curly and dry hair, I put the oil in my hair before I flat ironed my hair. My hair is shiny and soft. Can't wait for the full size bottle to be available on Amaon!

K. Buentipo
The HSI Styler Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener, 1 inch, is a great flat iron for the price. I had the Solia flat iron before. It finally broke on me after 7 plus years of almost daily use. This HSI feels just like my old reliable Solia, but it's better because it performs just as well and it's cheaper!

I bought this straightener for my daughter. She has been very happy with it and says even after 2 days her hair is still straight. She has very thick hair with natural waves, so that's saying a lot. This review was suppose to be for the HSI The Styler Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener, 1 inch. Wrong link came through. 

Love the Argan Oil
This is a truly great product. I have thick and very curly hair. It will straighten fairly easily, but with other products or without any products, i end up with somewhat "frizzy" hair. Not with this Argan Oil, it is great. It moisturizes the hair very well, leaves it nice and shiny and I LOVE the fragrance. It may seem like a limited amount given the small container, but it really only takes a few drops. GREAT PRODUCT!

Excellent Professional Flat Iron!
I LOVE this flat iron! I have pretty straight and thick hair. This flat iron heats up nicely and glides through my hair removing any 'frizzies' and leaving it shiny and bouncy straight. I've stored away all my other flat irons including my CHI because this iron works so much better. I would definitely recommend this iron and am so happy I purchased it!

This is easily the best straightening iron that I've ever owned. Mine was getting old and I wanted something nicer, so I checked out Amazon's selection and was quickly sold on this one. Great price, stellar reviews, and all the features I was looking for, plus some. It arrived right on time and with everything included! I have fine hair, so it doesn't take much to actually straighten it. What sets this iron apart for me is how much better my hair looks and even feels after using it. It's much smoother and shinier, and I definitely wasn't expecting it to feel softer. I guess I never realized how much my old iron was drying my hair out. The HSI's plates close together completely, too, so it actually catches every hair (without snagging it!), which has made a huge difference in my level of frizzies and flyaways. The glove included is nifty, but I haven't had reason to use it. The HSI doesn't leave my hair hot to the touch, and the outside of the iron doesn't feel hot at all. I don't think I'll ever burn myself on my flat iron again. :) The swivel cord is a great touch, too. Overall: great product, and great service!

Great Flat Iron Oil.
"Sam" "iphone lover"
I haven't used the entire bottle yet but I really like what I've used. It leaves my hair smooth and silky and I love the smell.

Nice hair straightener!
Like this hair straightener, it heats up quickly and I can easily create waves, curls or straighten my hair. Very happy!

5 stars Love it!!!
Elizabeth B
I have thick wavy hair and finally found a straightener to tame the wild mess!! It gets hot enough to leave my hair straight. I love it!!

HSI The Styler Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener
Amy Foit
I have purchased MANY straighteners over the years. This one is by far the best one ever. I have extremely curly hair so only straighten my hair occasionally because it's such a pain. Since I received this straightener, I've straightened my hair every day (almost 2 weeks now). Could not be happier with this purchase!!

AWESOME flat iron!
Lisa Sanseverino
I'm so glad I read the reviews on this and decided to order it! My daughter and I both LOVE it! Heats up quickly and straightens beautifully! Comes with a hand glove so that you don't get burned but so far we haven't even needed it. Can't wait to try curliing with it! So far we are extremely satisfied and you can't beat the price!!

Great product
I have naturally curly hair. I wanted a new style and decided to buy this. I am extremely happy with this product. I have only used it twice and am still getting used to it, but it does flatten my hair well. Not only does it flatten my hair, but when I use the styling product that came with it, my hair is shiny as well. I will continue to use this.

Hsi Customer
I absolutely love my new flat iron. The hsi iron works wonders on my hair. Im using now and it works better then the Chi I had before this. Thank you. 

Good product
This hair treatment smells really good and leaves your hair soft and shiny. I recommend this product because the quality

Great product
I purchased as a refil and have not used it yet; but my hair dresser recommended the grand and the HSI Professional Argan Oil. It is amazing as it protects your hair while straightening. Much better than the standard straighteners.

Good product for the price. Happy to have a high quality ceramic straightener and got a really decent price. Leaves hair smooth Warms up fast and doesn't rip hair out. Highly recommend!

Very pleased
I have shorter, finer hair... this flat iron works great! Heats up quickly... like the swivel cord... use it with the Argan Oil---makes hair smooth and shiny!

awesome flat iron! awesome price!
I've been a hairdresser for almost 30 years. I still work in the salon every day. I purchased this HSI iron, it arrived quickly. I was so pleased! Good quality, easy to use, and fast! Wont burn your hair. I was so pleased, I told my daughter about it and she bought one. So nice to get a good quality item at a wonderful price! Thank You!

Great Product
Carrie Lew
This is a great product. The only drawback is you can easily use too much. I have used this and really like it, however, I have found a product that I like better. It is the one I use most often.

Amazing Oil!
Janet Pulis
I started using this oil when I received a trial size bottle with my new HSI Flat Iron.!!! My initial concern was that it would make my hair greasy, but that isn't the case at all. This oil has brought my dry, aging hair (I'm in my mid 40's, therefore my hair is too!) back to life! My hair hasn't felt this good in years. Truly a miracle product!!

Hair smells great!!!
Yvonne M. Maynard "vonnie"
One of my daughter's friends had nothing but great things to say about this oil. No matter what size you purchase, you won't be sorry you bought this product. My daughter has never been able to flat iron her hair without there being a sort of fried smell behind it. I finally purchased this item for her and she says for once her hair doesn't have that smell!!

Amazing Stuff!
SVC "Mrs Fawlty"
I have very fine, curly hair that has driven me crazy all my life. I used to get Brazilian blowouts, and loved having swingy hair with weight and movement, but got tired of spending $600 doing it and my beloved hairstylist was being poisoned by the fumes. So I went back to leaving my hair naturally curly. Naturally is a misnomer: letting my hair be 'natural' requires the addition of a bunch of expensive natural products -argan, Moroccan,Bumble+Bumble, etc- just to sort of define the curls and keep my hair from poofing into the deranged poodle look it prefers. When it's humid, I can almost hear my hair sizzle as it corkscrews and frizzles.

So, I decided to buy a sample of this stuff for $4.95 with no intention of using it with a ceramic iron, but just to add to my hair after washing with Wen (will never go back to regular shampoo). It says to use a few drops, and I did that 2 or 3 times, because my hair is so flyaway, and I let it dry by itself after turning my head upside down and blow drying on the very lowest setting just to set it on its way.

I was amazed. My hair has so much more volume, it's absolutely crazy! The curls are far more defined and plentiful. The oil is so light that it adds no weight at all, but has superb unexpected benefits. My hair bounces and has life. My curls are happier than they've ever been!

I recieved a sample size of this when I purchased the HSI flat iron and then bought the 4 oz bottle becuase I loved it so much!!,

Great product! I have really curly hair but it straightens relatively well...takes some time because it's so frizzy when dry. This product is wonderful! It really moisturizes and has a great smell! I've tried hundreds of hair products trying to manage my naturally curly hair and this is by far one of my favorites! other favorite is beyond zone "turn up the heat" flat iron protector. I use the 2 products together 

By elizabeth
I received this oil when I purchased my HSI professional ceramic iron and it is great. My daughter and I used it for the first time and it leaves you're hair soft and shinny. I would recommend this product to everyone I know it is a great product, will definitely purchase ths oil in the future.

HSI Flatiron & Argan oil
The flatiron works great. It heats up quickly & is easy to use. The oil leaves hair very shiny but not greasy. The product arrived quickly & there was great communication from the company.

Great product
I have thick,curly,frizzy hair and this oil is exactly what my hair needed.You only need a small amount and it does an amazing job!I have purchased very expensive oils and none have worked until this one.I am a very pleased customer.

Simply Amazing!
I have used many products and nothing works like HSI Argan Oil! It is the best product I have ever used! It leaves my hair feeling healthy, shiny and beautiful. It is not heavy or oily, and it smells really good! Service was great, I received it earlier than expected. Thank you Blue Novelties for providing this incredible product and great customer service!

It works!
Marjorie P Zimmerman
I have very course and oft times out of control hair, especially in the summer. I almost always have to pull it back unless it is professionally done. This product actually works! I use it along with the tourmaline flat iron..just use the small amount recommended. That's all you will need. I wore my hair down in the heat and humidity and it remained smooth and manageable. Great product. Unbelieveable!

Better than I expected and was over the moon with the results!
Gave my hair a healthy glow and won't be needing a Brazilian Blow-Out anymore, which saves me a lot of money.

Awesome argan oil!
I got my first trial with the hsi iron. Now i cannot stop using it. its an addiction. buy it you will not be dissapointed!

NYC Hair Stylist
Cannot live without it, it makes my hair smooth soft silky and shiny. What else can you ask for. Great product! 

  • Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Fragrance, D&C Red # 17, D&C Yellow #11, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal.

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Best product for your hair, ever!
Read 10 reviews
WOW! this stuff is wonderful. I have long hair and live in a cold dry climate. This product makes my hair feel soft and silky. I had no idea how rough my hair felt until I used this product. Do yourself a favor and buy this product. I really really love it!.


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