HSI Professional Ambassador Program

Do you love hair, beauty, + making extra cash? Are you a stylist or social influencer? Does the sound of joining an up + coming company excite you? Have you tried our products and can't wait to tell others?

If these questions apply to you, you're in the right place! HSI Professional is looking for talented individuals to spread the word about our amazing, professional-grade products and tools. 

With hot tools that are 100% ceramic, light, and affordable there is really no tool that compares. Plus every flat iron and curling iron contains auto shut off!  Every hair care product is infused with argan oil but won't weigh down the hair like most oil infused products on the market. On top of all this, we offer an incredible customer satisfaction guarante and a 4.5 star customer rating on Amazon.com! 


So, why join the Ambassador Program? 

Not only will you become part of a company that is on the cusp of an industry breakthrough, you will receive commission off any sale you make! In a nutshell, you will be given your very own VIP code that allows you and your customers 40% off our products while you make commission from those sales, even your own purchases! 

Our Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms will be featuring Ambassadors throughout the month. Typically showing high sellers and professional stylists. We are currently working on creating a directory of professional stylist Ambassadors from across the world so that our customers can find you easily by region or city. 

We give you access to exclusive offers; like a premium and pro package at wholesale cost, pro level product promos (you'll thank us come holiday season!), professional videos and articles to help you advance your craft, and possible features in our articles and videos on our social platforms!

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How do you join the program?

Tonya Ziske October 16, 2016

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