Mother's Day Special: The Best Hairstyles for Moms

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Cool Mom Hairstyles 
In the spirit of Mother's Day, we're focusing on all things mom! As any mama knows, just because you have kids doesn't mean you don't care what you look like. At the top of pretty much every mom's list of beauty woes is always hair. When you're a busy mom (what mom isn't busy?!), spending tons of time doing your hair just doesn't fit into the schedule. Moms need easy peasy, low-maintenance hairstyles that will have them out the door in no time, yet still look like they're on top of their game. Here, our picks for the best mom hairstyles.


Mom Hairstyle Ponytail

Hassle-Free Hairstyle: The Ponytail
There are literally dozens of variations on a ponytail, but for moms, the best way to style a pony is fuss-free and relaxed. Low ponytails that start either at the middle of the head or at the nape is the way to go. We love a little movement in the ponytail, and certainly nothing that looks like it has too much product in it. Some other fun ways to rock your pony are:

  • Wrap a smaller piece of hair around the elastic band on your ponytail for an elegant look.
  • Split the hair in the ponytail into two different sections and wrap them around each other for a funky style.
  • Use the HSI Groover Ceramic Curling Wand to create loose and romantic waves in your pony. 


Chic Mom Haircut

Get a Chic Mom Haircut 
And the winner for the coolest mom haircut is--the lob! The long bob is here to stay and we think it's a win-win for moms. It's short, but not too short, and can be styled so many ways. A lob with movement is a modern way to wear this look. Wear your lob wavy and it looks effortlessly cool. Work a leave-in conditioning product into damp hair and blow dry, but don't leave it perfectly straight. If your hair needs a little bit of help in the wave department, give it some bend with a flatiron instead of a curling wand to create looser waves. Pull the HSI Ceramic Flatiron through a few select pieces of hair, when you get towards the end of the strands, twist the iron to create nice wavy twirls. 


HSI Professional

Chic Mom Hairstyle: Half up-Half down
For moms, keeping hair out of your face is key. Who has the time to keep pulling it back? The half up/half down look is universally flattering and so easy to do. Using a mini clip or an ouch-free elastic band, pull some of the pieces that frame the face into a mini ponytail in the back, or loop it and don't pull the ends all the way through.  

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