5 Protective Styles That Will Last You All Summer

Ok Team Natural, let’s be honest with what we are really dealing with this summer: Frizz, sweat and more frizz.

When you are trying to maintain a healthy and stylish look with your natural hair the summer, frizz and sweat are the enemy! Discovering a solution to tame your locks during these hot months can be a bit tough. Fortunately, there are plenty of protective style options out there that are effective and super cute!

Protective styling doesn’t mean that you have to wear a weave or extensions. It just means you are styling your hair in a manner that protects your hair from day-to-day manipulation that comes with regular styling. So if rocking faux hair just isn’t your thing, you can still wear these styles using just your natural hair.

I stalked one of my favorite natural hair crushes @awalkingdoxology on Instagram for some dope summer styles you have to try this summer season!

Afro Puffs

Afro puffs are one of the simplest and easiest styles you can do on natural hair that is long enough. Even though your hair is technically left out in the puffs, this is still considered a protective style. To create, simply comb and divide your hair into two or four sections, add a little oil, then simply tie with a hair tie. You can even get a second look with this and create Bantu Knots by twisting each section into mini buns for an even more protective summer style!

Goddess Locs

Locs are all the rage this summer, with celebrities like Rihanna and Ciara wearing their faux locs on the red carpet. Typically this protective style does require faux hair, but typically the hair is lightweight and to prevent hairline pressure and breakage. This style is great because it requires little maintenance, just a little touch up gel to the roots once a week and you are good to go!

Twisted Buns

Twisted buns are created of the back of twists: Marley, Havana or all natural - whatever you prefer! This a great way to stretch your already protective twist style into an entirely different look. This style is particularly great when you are planning to spend the day in the water or outdoors. Keeps the sweat and the frizz at bay all day!


Ponytail Braid

Everyone loves a ponytail, but there is something super sexy about rocking a braided ponytail - especially when you add in a little edge to the front. Adding an extra braided bun to the front gives this look a slight but stunning edge. With proper care, you can easily leave this style in for a few days, comb it out and re-braid it. This will keep your hair looking fresh and plus keep your braid from dreading up.

Box Braids

Braids are by far the ultimate protective summer style if you don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to worry about your hair on vacation. The key to maintaining braids is to keep your edges moisturized, well oiled and not too tight. It is super important to keep the tension at a bare minimum. Tighter does not mean better when it comes to braids - or dreadlocks for that matter. It can cause your hair to become thin and eventually break, or even worse lead to traction alocepia - yikes!


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