Fashion Week: The Long Waited Revolution

The pioneers of the industry are finally here to show what designers have forecasted for us this upcoming season during Fashion Week. We can always expect extraordinary, authentic, and unpredictable trends hitting the streets and runways of New York, Paris and London. 

This year, 2018, is what some may call the “Fashion Revolution”. Size and diversity within the industry have become a vital topic of conversation that is actually creating a change of atmosphere for the public and the designers themselves. As always, it is up to young labels to take the lead and continue opening doors for a wide range of people, creating that sense of diversity that was needed in the industry. 

Image Via: Zimbio

Not to mention what it actually means to be a female designer in 2018. See, the fashion industry is evolving and we have front row seats. We are women creating for other women, it’s inconceivable to ignore recent culture-shifting events. Our roles right now are to take part of this revolution, advocate for empowerment and harvest collective energy. #GirlPower 

Image Via: Surface Magazine

As women, we all have one thing in common and that’s the desire for flawless hair. Collectively we can all agree that it’s one of the things that gives confidence and a boost of self-esteem. - No diets needed here…

Featured below are some of the trends we spotted on the runway this season: 

Image Via: Elle

Pulled back, sleek and elegant. Kendall Jenner hit’s the London Runway after controversy over not walking in NY Fashion Week. For more information click here.

Image Via: Allure

Gigi Hadid featuring a voluminous side flip and graphic pink-and-purple shadow.  To achieve this look on the go, consider using our GROOVER XL - 1". Practical and smaller than our XL 1.5", it's perfect for the revolution. For alternate hair and make-up trends click here.

Image Via: Getty Images 

Blake Lively, talk about a sexy bed head. To achieve this look we recommend our GROOVER XL - 1.5"... Let your inner lioness roam free.