How to Get Your Hair Summer Ready

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Summer Hair Tips
Summer is the time you can ease up on styling your hair. The heat coupled with the laid back feel of the season means you'll want to spend less time doing your hair and more time relaxing on the beach. Plus, taking care of your hair in the summer will mean less chance for frizz to take over your life. By following some simple hair rules, you can enjoy healthy, gorgeous hair that will take you from beach to BBQ and back without a frizzy strand in sight. 
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Summer Hair Tip: Start Weekly Deep Conditioning Sessions
Now is the time to institute a weekly appointment with your leave-in conditioner. Set aside a night every week that allows you to either leave in your conditioner for an hour or even sleep in it. By deeply conditioning your hair on the reg, you'll rehab any wear and tear it's taken over the course of the past week. The HSI Carebox features the ideal regimen of Argan Oil products, including the Argan Oil Smoothing mask, which contains nourishing ingredients to help bring your hair to its ideal state.
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Summer Hair Tip: Less is More
When it's hot outside, the last thing you should be doing is spending a lot of time worrying about your hair. Summertime is all about not looking like you've tried too hard. Summer hair is easy and effortless and you don’t get that look by obsessing over it--less is definitely more in the summer time.
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Prep for a Pool Day
If you know you're going to be spending a day in the sun, you have to prep your hair in the same way you would your skin. While sun protection is a non-negotiable for your face and body, proper safeguards against UV rays are also a must for your hair. Some of the best sun protection methods for hair are:
  • Wear a wide-brimmed sun hat. This will not only hide hair from the sun, but it will also shade your skin. 
  • Use a UV-protecting product in your hair. Try HSI Top 5 Salon Formula.
  • Apply a hair mask before heading out to the beach or pool. Not only will the heat assist the mask in penetrating the hair follicles, but it will also create a thicker barrier for the sun and thus protect it from damage. 

Traveling this summer? Don't leave home without the HSI Travel Styling Kit, packed with all the essentials you need to nail a good hair day no matter where you are.