Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Natural Haired Mom

Wearing your natural hair is such a beautiful thing. It’s incredibly freeing, gorgeous and fun! There are so many unique hairstyles you can create with your own hair, plus tons of options when it comes to protective styling and weaves. But creating and maintaining all that natural goodness takes a lot of time and supplies. And if you happen to be the child of a natural-haired mama, you can treat her to some fabulous haircare goodies this Mother’s Day.

Moisturizing Oils

The most important thing you can do for natural hair is keep it moisturized! So why not give mom a few carrier oils or cream moisturizers to try? Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Argan Oil are highly recommended for use on black hair types. These oils are harder to find but have the best impact on your hair’s overall health, plus they provide a great seal for your locks. Other popular moisturizing oils include Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Grapeseed Oil. You can easily find these in your local grocery store and transfer them into decorated mason jars or bottles for the perfect handmade gift for mom! Add in your favorite essential oils for an relaxing, scented blend.


Conditioning is crucial to keeping your natural hair healthy, so mom will always welcome a great deep conditioner or leave-in conditioner. Keep in mind that naturals go through A LOT of conditioner so feel free to go for the bigger size. Leave-in conditioning sprays are also a great option for moms that are always on the go. If she happens to have a favorite brand, see if you can order it in bulk or gift her a haircare subscription for the year - if your pockets can handle it!

Detangling Brush

HSI Brush

Detangling is another major task to conquer when caring for natural hair. A great gift for Mother’s Day could be a few great styling tools - including a decent detangling brush and wide tooth comb. Get creative and build your own box of natural hair goodies and tools that you know your mom will love.

Hair Ties, Hair Pins, Hair Clips and Hair Accessories

These are the hair basics every mom needs to keep up with her natural hair. They are 100% crucial to the styling process, but they are small and tend to get misplaced often. Wouldn’t it be nice for mom not to have to worry about having these around? There are also a lot of fun hair accessories mom can use, like beaded headbands, cute headwraps or flirty hair jewelry. There’s nothing like a stunning hair piece to pretty up your natural look!

DIY Natural Hair Recipe Supplies

DIY natural hair care is all the rage lately, and with good reason - it’s cheap and easy to do. It’s also a fun way to bond with mom and create some cool homemade products. Do your research and come up with a few recipes you think your mom would like. The best and most popular natural hair recipes including at least one of the four ingredients - Raw Honey, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and typically a food such banana, avocado or egg. Gather the ingredients and containers you will need together in a decorative basket and you’ve got a creative gift that you and your mom and enjoy together.