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Music Festival Hair Styles to Try Now

by Melissa Schweiger | May 16 2018

Coachella Music Festival Hair Ideas
Music Festival Beauty Ideas

Over the past decade, the Coachella music festival has gone from underground gathering to one of the most stylish events of the year. But Coachella isn't the only music festival around. Summertime is full of outdoor music gatherings and getting your hair game on for the festival is a prerequisite. When considering a hairstyle for a music festival, it's important to keep in mind that:

  • It will be hot and humid out
  • While you want your hair to look cute, it also has to be kept out of your face
  • You will be dancing, so functionality is key
  • You may not be able to wash your hair for a couple of days

But really, during music festivals -- anything goes! Festival fashions are meant to be fun, daring and a little crazy. On that note, here are some cool ways to style your hair for music festival season. 


Double Dutch Braids | HSI Professional

(Double dutch braids courtesy of Instagram

Music Festival Hair Idea: Braids, Braids and More Braids
Really any braid will do, but this summer is all about the double dutch braid. So what exactly is a double dutch braid? The defining characteristic of a double dutch is the clean center-part and two fishtail like braids. Another name for this look is "boxer braids," named after the tough yet cool look worn by UFC fighters and off-duty celebrities. Whatever you want to call them, braids kill two birds with one stone--they look adorable and they keep hair out of the way so you can dance, sweat and repeat. Added bonus: If you sleep in your braids, you can take them out in the morning and voila -- beachy waves. More cool braid ideas include mini braid accents, more elaborate braided updos and kooky braided space buns! 


Glitter Roots Hair

(Glitter roots courtesy of Instagram

Music Festival Hair Idea: Glitter Roots 
Haven't washed your hair in days? Don't worry about it -- just throw some glitter on your roots. Mix some chunky glitter with a little hair gel and use an old foundation brush to paint the glitter onto your roots. This style looks best when paired with the above mentioned double dutch braids or really any style that shows your roots. 


Coachella Flower Hair Ideas HSI

Music Festival Hair: Flowers as Accessories
Flower crowns are definitely a trend that has transcended music festivals, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go there. While florals haphazardly arranged in the hair may be easier said than done, it's still the ultimate music festival hairstyle. Go for it!


Beach Waves | HSI

Music Festival Style: Beachy Hair Look  
Beach hair is never a bad idea! That effortlessly cool hair style blends seamlessly with the carefree attitude and laid back style of a music festival. Whether you pre-style your hair with a curling wand (the HSI Groover Ceramic Curling Wand has been known to nail the beachy wavy look) or you choose to create waves by undoing day-old braids, this cool Cali-girl look is a winner. 


Music Festival Hair Ideas

However you decide to style your hair for summer music festivals, you'll want to detox and cleanse the dirt and sweat away after the music stops. Try the HSI Argan Oil Wash Set to rehab your hair. 


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