This is the trend you have to follow, especially if you live by the beach

by Misha Haba | Aug 11 2017

Who doesn’t like making their lives easier? We all do, and it’s not just for the fact that your life is simplified, but it’s also a trend. 


You should all know what i’m talking about, and it’s nothing else but the “Bob Hairstyle”.


For those who didn’t knew the Bob cut was a really popular style back in the 20’s. We know that every trend that have existed usually come back around, and this wasn’t the exception. During WWI nurses starting cutting their hair for sanitary reasons, and this is how we got this awesome style. - Have you noticed how girls always are a step ahead and will always be? - Just kidding, but here we can noticed that women are always looking to make life easier, specially when there are so many things that we can’t control, but you still want to look feminine.  This is why our blog post from today is about this amazing and time saving style. 


Like I  told you on the last blog, I have short hair, and my hair cut is included in the Bob category. Girls, I swear it’s the most practical trend. It’s easy and fast to style, it looks fresh, and because I live on the beach it’s the most convenient cut. I know every girl that lives on the beach, or hot places, will get me.


The Bob cut doesn’t have to be extremely short, there are many lengths one can get. For example this one:

This is Andrea, she works here at HSI, her hair looks really modern, and trendy. Obviously to keep it that hydrated she uses the Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Treatment by HSI Professional. 

This is Esbatt, she is super IN with her style, she reminds me of myself when i had the same color shade. 

So then, what are you waiting to try it?


Translated by Andrea Lozoya Gonzalez