Pro Hair Tips: What You Need to Know Before Going Blonde

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Read This Before Going Blonde
Summer is typically a time when those with darker hair color decide it's time to lighten things up and go blonde. After all, summer is all about a carefree attitude and a party spirit and as the old adage goes: "blondes have more fun!" So if you're ready to take the blonde plunge, there are some things to keep in mind. From healthy hair tips to salon suggestions, here are some of the best ways to go blonde and not regret it afterwards! 


HSI Professional Blonde Hair Tips

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Before Going Blonde....Know hair will need some extra TLC
If lightening your hair is in your future, make sure the condition of your hair is ready to take on this bright and beautiful burden and also be aware that ongoing conditioning treatments will be the new order of the day. Bleaching the hair is probably one of the most damaging processes to subject it to. You'll need to combat the effects of the color with weekly deep conditioning treatments or masks. You can also switch to a leave-in conditioner, such as HSI Top 5 Salon Formula Leave-In Conditioner, which is loaded with nourishing ingredients.  


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Blonde Comes in Many Shades
Blonde is not a one-size-fits-all color. There are many shades of blonde and while platinum may be your desired shade, it may not fit well with your complexion. Talk to your colorist about which shade of blonde best suits your coloring as opposed to bringing in a photo of Gwen Stefani and requesting a lookalike hue. 


Blonde Hair Tips HSI Professional

Blonde is Not Low Maintenance 
If you're planning to go blonde, make sure your bank account is ready. As any seasoned blonde will tell you, upkeep is a must. If you want to cut down on the salon visits, opting for highlights or balayage as opposed to a double process, will help space out your salon visits. Letting your roots show when the highlights are painted, lends a natural, beachy effect. If your roots are a major contrast to the rest of your hair and there's that telltale band, that's when things start to look less desirable. 


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Take Your Natural Hair Color into Consideration
You may need a few salon visits to get to your desired shade of blonde, particularly if you're starting from a darker place. A good hair colorist will be able to put a transition plan in place for you with respect to your natural hair color. For the sake of the health of your hair, it may take more than one salon visit to get to the blonde of your dreams. This is a good reason to opt for a salon with an experienced colorist rather than try to DIY hair color at home. 


Going blonde can be fun and exciting, but it should never come at the expense of the health of your hair. Always make sure to protect your hair from heat damage by using a heat protectant before styling.