Get The Perfect Low Side Chignon

by HSI Professional | Apr 11 2016

Perfect for a last minute updo, the Low Side Chignon is an easy DIY hairstyle for weddings and other formal events.


1. We begin by separating a 1-2 inch section starting from the ear to the front and leave this section aside for now

2. Gather the rest of the hair at the base of the neck towards the right side behind the ear

3.Secure with an elastic to create a side ponytail

4. Hold the base of the ponytail and pull up on the crown to create some volume

5. Take the base of the ponytail and divide it into three sections

6. Begin to braid by bringing the left piece over the center piece. Then the right piece over the center piece.

7. Continue with this braiding technique until reaching the end

8. Secure the end of the ponytail with an elastic

9. Tug at the sides to loosen and widen the braid. Be sure to pull evenly on each side to create symmetry

10. Roll the braided pony up from the end to the base of the braid and tuck the end under the rolled pony

11. Shape the bun around the base of the head

12. Pin all sides of the chignon to secure in place

13. Gather the remaining front-side section


14. Bring the section back over the chignon tugging at the pieces around the ear and forehead to create a nice swoop

15. Secure this section with bobby pins at the top of the bun

16. Wrap the section all the way around the base of the chignon

17. Complete the style by tucking excess hair under the base and secure with bobby pins.


Click here to view the full video tutorial.


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