Get A Romantic Braided Side Bun

For a romantic take on a basic side bun, try adding a wrapped braid for an elegant framing effect.


1. Begin by parting hair on the side


2. Create a 2 inch section in the front, about two inches before the hairline


3. Place the section out of the way and secure with a duckbill or clip


4. Gather the rest of the hair except for the loose 2 inch front section


5. Begin twisting the hair forward to the end of the section


6. Wrap to the right side of the head - creating a basic side bun just behind the ear


7. Keep wrapping the bun around itself till all the ends are tucked in


8. Secure with bobby pins all the way around the bun


9. Take the section that was put aside


10. Begin a basic braid by dividing the piece into three sections


11. Take the outside piece on the left and cross under to the center, then the right side piece and cross under to the center. Repeat till you get a quarter of the way down the section.


12. Tug on both sides of the braid to loosen and even out the braids


13. Continue braiding the rest of the section loosening as you go


14. Secure with an elastic


15. Take the front section that’s hanging in front of the braid and swoop it back on top of the bun


16. Secure with bobby pins and tuck the remainder of the section under the base of the bun


17. Bring the braid back over the top of the bun


18. Secure the braid to the bun with bobby pins


19. Finish the style by wrapping the braid under the base of the bun – tucking the ends of the section into the bun and secure with pins

View the full video tutorial here.

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