How to Create a Retro Inspired Bouffant

This is a modern take on a vintage look that gives you soft and sexy volume

1. Begin by sectioning off the top half of the hair and clipping it aside for later

2. Secure the bottom half in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck

3. Create a small hole at the base of the ponytail just above the rubber band.

4. Take the long part of the ponytail and push it upward and down through the hole you’ve created, making an inside out ponytail

5. Then, backcomb the ponytail

6. Roll from the ends of the ponytail upwards to create a chignon

7. Secure it with bobby pins

8. Let down the top half of your hair and create a deep side part

9. Take small sections at the crown, and backcomb the top half of the hair

10. Smooth the top layer of the backcomb

11. Loosely pull the top section of hair back toward the chignon, and twist into place along the top of the bun

12. Then, secure with bobby pins

13. Continue to loosely twist the section through to the ends, wrapping the ends around the side of the chignon

14. Secure them with bobby pins underneath

15. Complete the style by gently pulling some hair around the face to soften the front

View the full video tutorial here.

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