Easy Braided Mohawk

For a fun funky style that works great on long and short hair try a Braided Mohawk


1. Section out the head into four sections using clips:

a. the crown, 


b. one on each side, 


c. and the back


2. Take the crown section and in small pieces start backcombing the roots to get more volume in the front


3. Start to french braid the crown section by dividing the front piece into three sections


4. Loosely cross the right strand over the middle strand to the center, then the left strand over the middle to the center, to start the base of the braid


5. Continue braiding by adding hair from the outside and connecting it with the center strand


6. When you reach the end of that section, secure with a rubber band


7. Loosen the braid by gently pulling the sides of the braid


8. Tuck the tail of the braid under at the nape of the neck


9. Secure with bobby pins


10. Take the front sections closer to the ear and begin a small braid by dividing the hair into three sections and crossing the right to the middle then the left to the middle


11. Bring each side braid to the back and tug them under the mohawk

 View the full video tutorial here.

12. Secure with bobby pins

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