How To Do An Upside Down Braided Bun

To bring an edge to a simple bun, try the upside down braided bun. It adds texture to the backside of a bun.


1. Section off the top half of the hair from the ears to the top of the crown


2. Wrap into a bun and secure out of the way with a clip


3. Bending forward, brush the hair from the nape of the neck, up towards the crown of the head


4. Create a 2 inch high section across the base of the neck


5. Divide the section into 3


6. Begin french braiding by crossing the right strand over the middle strand to the center, then the left strand over the middle to the center, to start the base of the braid


7. Continue braiding by crossing the outside sections over the middle one, then adding hair from the outside and connecting it with the center section.


8. Repeat up the back of the head towards the crown


9. When there is no more hair left to add, continue braiding a few inches past the crown and secure with an elastic


10. Undo the top section of the hair that was clipped aside and smooth with a brush


11. Gather into a pony tail at the top of the head including the end of the braid and secure with an elastic


12. Backcomb the pony in 1 inch sections at a time


13. Divide the Ponytail into 3 sections


14. Wrap the front section around the other two sections creating the base of the bun


15. And secure with pin


16. Then wrap the middle section around the back one and overlapping the base of the bun


17. And secure with pin


18. And wrap the last section to finish the bun


19. And secure with pin


20. Use light hairspray to secure the style and smooth out any flyaways

Click here to view the full video tutorial.

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