Get the perfect Braided Side Updo

The Braided Side Updo is an elegant way to incorporate a trendy waterfall braid into a romantic look. 


1. Begin by grabbing a section of hair and divide it from the front line into three sections


2.Start the waterfall braid, by and crossing the outside section over to the middle


3. Then gather a small section of hair that is not braided and add it to the braid by crossing over the outside section


4. Leave it hanging down over the middle section of the braid


5. Repeat the process until reaching the nape of the neck


6. Then finish french-braiding all the way down to the end


7. Secure with an elastic


8. Now create another dutch braid right under the first braid


9. Grab a section and divide it into three


10. Cross the outside section over  to the middle section  to start the base of the braid


11. Continue braiding while adding the sections that were left hanging from the first braid


12. Continue braiding underneath the first braid, all the way to the end of the section


13. And secure with an elastic


14. Roll the lower braid into a bun at the nape of the neck


15. Secure with pins


16. Roll the other braid over the bun on the outside


17. Complete the style by tugging the ends and secure with pins

View the full video tutorial here.

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