Smooth & Sleek Hairstyle Tutorial

Smooth & Sleek A sophisticated look that just won’t go out of style, today’s look is the Smooth & Sleek hairstyle.

  1. Start by making sure the hair is completely dry.
  2. Apply HSI Thermal Protectant to help protect the hair from damage during the heating process.
  3. Section the hair from the bottom and apply product through each section evenly with a comb.
  4. Section off the top part of the hair and bring hair down to begin ironing it with the HSI Glider. For best results, work in small 1 inch sections.
  5. Move the iron through the hair section slowly and steadily to reduce the need for more passes and for a longer lasting style.
  • Run the iron through to the ends for a stick-straight look,
  • Or, curve the iron to create a bend at the ends. 
  • One way to add a bit of volume with this sleek look is to start the iron close to the roots and bend at an angle away from the face.
  • Once all hair sections are straightened, seal the style with some product. A light hairspray will work to reduce frizz, or depending on the hair texture, HSI Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment can work as well. Just be sure not to use too much, as it can weigh down this style.

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