Pin-up style Victory Roll; a vintage up-do

Ashley Marie Pin-up Doll


Wanting to channel your inner pin-up? Look no further than the classic victory roll. Here we show you how to create the beginner's version. 

  1. Using an HSI Professional  Groover 1" curling iron, begin with the section of hair held straight above your forehead and start to roll the curling iron with your hair toward your scalp, keeping the curling iron horizontal. 
  2. Set the curl with a duckbill clip and let cool.
  3. While the victory roll is setting, curl the ends of the rest of your hair.
  4. Once cooled, take the clips out and back comb the bottom of the section of hair
  5. Bring the section of hair into a roll, letting the set in curl do most of the work.
  6. Now gently pull, with loose grip, toward one side of the forehead (the side where you usually DONT part your hair is typically easiest)
  7. Use a few bobby pins to secure the roll at its center.
  8. spritz with hair spray and smooth with a smoothing brush if necessary. 
  9. Brush back the sides into a high ponytail (the tighter the sides, the better) and secure with a ponytail holder.
  10. Finally, use a smoothing cream to smooth back any baby hairs or hair that may have come loose in transitioning between styles.
  11. As an optional touch, you can add a bandana or scarf, tied a little off center in the opposite direction of the angle your victory rule was pulled, to give it a more vintage look. Or place a fun clip in hair flower at the base of your pony toward one side. 

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