Argan Hair Oil For The Ultimate Shower Experience

by HSI Professional | Dec 05 2016

You've probably been hearing a lot about argan oil as of late. It seems like it can solve everything, from weak immune systems, acne, and hair thinning. Can it really do all these things? The short answer is yes, and more besides, too. Here's why you should consider using it in your normal shower routine, and how it will help you unleash your inner beauty on a daily basis.

Growing Longer Hair with Argan Oil

Punch up your showers

Your morning shower is just a chore to get out of the way before you get on with your day, but why let it be like that? There's no reason why a shower can't have all the restorative and invigorating powers of a day at the spa.

A good pampering never goes amiss, so why not start treating your showers as an excuse to treat yourself? Argan hair treatments can be the first step to really taking care of your whole body. They're a great way of really nourishing and revitalizing your hair. Want to find out more? Read on.

What is argan hair oil?

Argan hair oil is found in the nut of the argan tree, which only grows in a certain part of Morocco. It's been the country's best keep secret for years, with the women who process the nuts using it for all kinds of beauty and health needs.

Now, though, they've shared the secret with the world and now everyone can sample it's amazing properties for themselves. It's mostly known for its moisturizing and restorative properties, so if you have issues with your hair, it's a product you've really got to try for yourself.

How can argan oil be used in the shower?

argan oil infused shampoo

There's plenty of uses for argan oil in your daily routine. It feels like a luxurious product, but in fact its super easy and versatile to use. Here's a few ways you may consider using it on your hair in the shower.

  • Washing your hair: The easiest way to incorporate argan oil into your daily hair care routine is to use argan oil infused shampoo and conditioner. This doesn't give you the full benefits of pure argan oil, but if you pick a good quality brand you can get a good dose of oil into your hair every day, with no extra effort.
  • Using oil as a leave in conditioner: If your hair is very dry, it's worth investing in some pure argan oil. Once you've washed your hair in the shower, use a few drops of oil in your hair and smooth it through. Argan oil leave in hair treatment is a great way to get essential moisture into your hair, without weighing it down. It'll make your hair smooth and shiny and you'll barely have to do a thing.
  • As a scalp treatment: Do you suffer from dandruff or a dry scalp? Argan oil could be just the thing to treat it. At night, use a few drops on your scalp and work it through your hair. Wear a shower cap over it to keep the moisture in, as well as stopping oil rubbing off on your pillows. In the morning, jump into the shower and wash your hair as usual. After a couple of weeks, you'll find that your scalp problems are all but gone.

Benefits of argan oil

So, why should you use argan oil for hair treatment in the shower? There's plenty of reasons why you want to consider using it:
  • It's great for dry hair: If you struggle with your dry hair, you've probably tried every product on the market. If you're at your wit's end, try argan oil. You only need a few drops so it won't leave your hair looking greasy, but it's moisturising properties have be seen to be believed.
  • It boosts new hair growth: There's plenty of times when you want your hair to grow back out. Maybe you had to cut off damaged hair and need your new hair to grow back in. Perhaps you're living with thinning hair and need to find a product that will help it grow stronger. Argan oil can do all of this and more, thanks to the amount of Vitamin E it's packing. The vitamins help boost your hair cells, strengthening the hair you have and helping new hair grow.
  • It gives you shiny hair: Who doesn't want hair like the models have in the commercials? Just a small amount of argan oil can make your hair look amazing. Use it as a styling product after you've showered, and you'll never get any better definition and shine.

Introduce argan oil to your showers, and see just how much your hair quality will improve. You'll love how good it looks!



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