Back to School Hair Routine + First Day Style

It's that time of year again! Classes are coming up soon, if they haven't already started, and I spent way too much time at the beach for my hairs liking. Though I loved the beach for the sun kissed glow and clear complexion I now have, my hair didn't react well to all that sun and salt water. Plus, I neglected my poor strands throughout the summer; Rolling out of bed to throw it in a bun and then style with hot tools at night means my hair desires immediate attention! Not to fret! If your hair is dry, damaged, or you just want to make it extra nice, follow my simple guidelines below to see fantastic results. 


About a week before class I will use HSI Professionals Argon Oil infused Hair Mask to really lock in some moisture. Depending on your hair type and moisture needs, you can leave the mask in anywhere from 5 minutes to wrapping your head in a towel and sleeping with the mask in! If you do decide to sleep with the mask overnight you may wake up with a greasy look, but not to fret! Simply wash and condition your hair as normal the next morning. Which brings me to my favorite shampoo and conditioner: HSI Professional's wash set, which is also infused with argan oil so it keeps my hair shiny, smooth, and scares away split ends. 
A few days after I have used the mask, I will run HSI's Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment, the most pure of organ oil HSI has, from my mid part to the ends of my hair, avoiding the roots. This stuff is so lightweight that I could use it everyday! Plus, it actually repairs split ends and treats curls so well that it leaves them soft, bouncy and never crunchy. I will repeat this a few days before my first day of school as well, and continue to use it a couple times a week because regular use is the best way to see results. 
Now for the first day hairstyle! I am going for the ever popular panda buns, with a slight twist.
This style is super easy so I won't have to keep up too terribly early, I am way too used to sleeping in by now. Below are step by step instructions so you can easily repeat the process at home. 
  • Comb my hair through so there are not knots or tangles. HSI Professional has a many brushes for you to choose from here
  • Spritz HSI Professional's Argan Oil infused Thermal Spray through my hair and let it air dry as I get on my first day clothes. 
  • Once my hair is dry, I straighten it with my favorite flat iron (Glider Elite) but there are plenty to choose from here
  • I then pull my hair into tight pigtails at the tops of my head, secure them with a ponytail holder, and braid the ends. I secure the ends with small elastics
  • Once my hair is pulled tight I use the Argan Oil infused Thermal Spray to smooth away any fly aways or frizz. 
  • Lastly I twirl the braids around the ponytail holders into a bun like form and secure with a bobby pin or two.

I love this look because it is so easy, popular but with a twist, and I can take it out the next day for fun curls!

Here is another rendition of the look: Arianna Grande uses the braided method but keeps half her hair down, in the AG classic way. (: 

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