Curly Hair Dos and Don'ts

Curly Hair Tips

Curly Hair Dos and Don'ts
Having curly hair means subscribing to a bevy of rules that ladies with straight hair can pretty much ignore. Just because there are more hair rules to follow doesn't mean your main can't always look fabulous, it only means that you have to be more cautious with how you treat your hair. Here, the major dos and don'ts for curly hair types.


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Curly Hair Do: See Your Hairstylist on the Regular
When you've got curly hair, keeping your hair from looking frizzy and tired means making regular trips to the hair salon for a trim. Booking a trim for every 2-3 months is recommended for keeping ends free from looking split and sad. Plus who wouldn't want a beauty refresh every couple months?


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Curly Hair Don't: Avoid Shampooing Hair Every Time You Shower
Just because your hair gets wet, doesn't mean you need to lather it up with shampoo. Washing your hair every day will dry your curls out and potentially cause frizziness--the curly girl's worst enemy. It's ok to get your hair wet when you shower, but refrain from washing it every time it gets wet. Instead you can use a conditioner on it. Try a nourishing, do-it-all leave in conditioner like the new must-have HSI Top 5 Salon Formula Leave-In Conditioner.  


Curly Hair Tips | HSI Professional

Curly Hair Don't: Avoid the Crunchy Curl at All Costs
The dreaded crunchy curl look is a result of using too much hair product. Start with a dime-sized amount of hair styling product on curls and you can go up from there. You can always add more, but you can't take less. Also make sure your product is light or medium hold.

Curly Hair Do: Use Gentle Heat Styling Tools on Hair
Sometimes curly haired gals just want to go straight, and that's ok! If you're going to use a flatiron on your hair, make sure it's a high-quality tool made with ionic titanium plates to evenly disperse the heat onto hair, which in turn limits the amount of time needed to run the iron through the hair. Try the HSI Glider Titanium Flatiron. 


For more curly hair how-tos, check out this article on how to curl hair without the use of heat products.

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