Hair How To: 5 Easy Hairstyles for Busy Mornings

HSI Professional | Early Morning Hair Ideas
Easy Hairstyle Ideas for Busy Mornings
When your alarm goes off in the morning and the mere thought of getting out of bed and getting ready is too much to bear, you need some easy low-maintenance hairstyles in your back pocket. From early morning classes to work meetings, we all need chic last minute hairstyles we can whip up. Here, some of our favorite hair looks that will have you out the door looking gorgeous! 
The Scarf Bun hairstyle | HSI Professional
Easy Hairstyle Idea: The Scarf Bun
Scarves are one of the best accessories you could own to help remedy a bad hair day. From using a scarf as a head wrap to twisting it around a ponytail or a bun, scarves are a go-to for everyday chic. To copy this effortlessly cool scarf-wrapped bun, gather hair at the nape of the neck and twist it up, securing with a snag-free elastic. Next, take a scarf or a bandana and tie it around the bun. 
HSI Professional Hair Bow Tie
Easy Hairstyle Idea: Half up/Half down Hair
There are many different ways to do half up/half down hair. Whether you loosely pull back hair and leave it partially messy, or slick the top half down and pull into a tighter half ponytail, this low-key look is a no-brainer for mornings you're super-rushed. This cool hair bow is actually easy to do. Just grab a small section of hair from either side and pull back and cross them. You can also create an actual bow in the back by tying them and securing with bobby pins. 
Ribbon Hair Ties | HSI Professional
Ribbons as Hair Ties
Here's another way to utilize an accessory to make it look like you spent more than three minutes on your hair. Wrap a ribbon around a low ponytail for an undone, bohemian vibe.
HSI Professional | Wake up with great hair
How to Wake Up With Great Hair
If flat and limp hair is your issue, try this trick to wake up to volume. Try going to sleep with hair in a topknot, which will lift roots while you sleep. Wash hair before bed and leave in a nourishing conditioner, such as HSI Professional Top 5 Salon Formula Leave In Conditioner. When you take the topknot out in the morning, hair will look slightly teased and tousled. 
HSI Professional
Straight Hair in a Hot Second
A flatiron can work wonders on unruly morning hair. A ceramic flatiron can heat up in minutes--so after splashing water on your face and brushing your teeth, your flatiron will be ready to go. The HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Straightener uses 8 HeatBalance® micro-sensors (4 on each plate) to regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat so that fewer passes are needed through your precious hair.  Meaning, only a few swipes of the iron and you'll be out the door looking like you actually had hours to get ready! 

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