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Get Professional Straighteners For Your Personal Film Studio

by HSI Professional | Feb 23 2017

If you're running a film studio, there's all kinds of things that you have to consider. You need staff who can cover everything, from lighting to makeup. One area that you really don't want to skimp out on is your hair styling crew. They can get your on camera people looking perfect quickly and professionally, no matter what you need from them. If they're to do that, they're going to need the right tools. That's why giving them the best professional hair straightener to work with is essential. Here's everything you need to know about them before you buy.

People On Camera Need To Change Their Look Quickly

As you already know, a day on set can be frantic at the best of times. Anyone who's appearing on camera may need to go through several different looks in one day. If you're filming a TV show or movie, the demands could be quite drastic. Even if you're filming something where hair styles can stay the same, they've got to stay perfect at all times. This is why your hair stylists are under pressure. They're trying to change up looks or keep a hair style perfect while you're filming. With so much pressure on them, they need tools that are up to the task.

Best Look With Professional Flat Irons

Good Quality Hair Straighteners Are Vital

If a hair stylist could only have one hair styling tool, what would it be? Overwhelmingly, most would say a good set of flat irons for hair. That's not a surprise, if you know your heated hair styling tools. The humble flat iron is actually one of the most versatile tools around. Used normally, it's a great way to give hair a smooth, sleek and shiny look. You can also create beautiful beachy waves by pressing them lightly over braids, or even create curls by wrapping hair around the plates. If you can only use this one tool though, you've got to have a good quality pair.

Cheap hair straighteners feel like a great deal at the time, but they never hold up as well as professional quality sets. Their plates can chip, snagging on hair. They don't heat up as fast. Crucially, they just don't get the same results. Instead, a good quality pair of flat irons can last for years, even with repeated and constant use. That's because they're built to last. A good set will have full ceramic plates, rather than just being coated with ceramic, which can chip. If you're serious about the quality of your plates, get ceramic plates that are infused with tourmaline. This mineral helps create negative ions that will help your style stay in place, no matter what.

Tips On How To Get The Best Look With Professional Flat Irons

  • Always use heat protectant: Heat protectant products create a layer between the hair and the irons, meaning that there's much less heat damage happening. This is essential if you're going to be restyling or retouching hair throughout the shoot.
  • Select the right temperature: Everyone's hair is different, so it responds to heat differently. When using your straighteners on a new person, test to see how low you can go with the heat and still get a result. If there's multiple people to be styled, it may be worth keeping notes on the temperature they need. Buying a good quality set will enable to change temperatures accurately.
  • Never straighten wet hair: It sounds like this would save time, right? In fact, it can be dangerous. No matter how tight time is, thoroughly dry hair before you bring the flat irons anywhere near it. If you don't, you can essentially boil the hair shaft. Not a good look.

Where To Buy The Best Flat Irons Available

HSI hair straightener

Ok, so you need a good quality set of hair straighteners for your studio. Where do you look? Well, in our store, of course! A HSI hair straightener can give you everything you need in your styling tools, and for not as much money as you'd think. We sell a range of different hair straighteners, and any one of them would fit the bill in your film studio perfectly. They all have a set of features that you're going to love, including:

  • Auto shut off: Never worry about whether the flat irons have been turned off again, as they'll turn off themselves after a certain period of time. You'll sleep soundly knowing your studio is safe!
  • Digital heat readout: Get the exact correct temperature you need, and eliminate the risk of accidentally frying the talent's hair.
  • Quick heat up: Who has time to wait for the straighteners to get to work? You've got to be on set right away. Our straighteners heat up in seconds, so you can get to work.
  • Reflexive floating plates: These plates won't snag or catch hair at all, making the styling process quick and easy.
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates: We only use the highest quality plates on our straighteners, so you'll get amazing results with much less effort.
  • HeatBalance technology: Our unique technology eliminates 'hot spots' on the plates, ensuring the temperature is stable across the whole plate and avoiding hair damage.

As you can see, there's all kinds of reasons why you should invest in a good quality set of flat irons. Try out one of our sets today. We promise that you'll never go back.



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