Get the Look: The 3 Coolest Braids for Hot Summer Weather

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Hair How To: Cool Braids
When the temperatures are rising, the best way to keep cool is to keep your hair off your neck and face and there's no funkier way to do that than with a braid or two. Check out these adorable and--dare we say--easy braid tutorials to take you straight through the rest of the summer. 


double dutch braids tutorial | HSI Professional

Get the Look: Double Dutch Braids
Also known as "Boxer Braids," these edgy yet girly braids are a hip way to rock plaits. We love how versatile these braids are--they literally look great on everyone. Celebrity it girls from Hailey Baldwin to the Kardashian /Jenner clan are rocking these gym-friendly braids. We love how they can go from Soul Cycle to a party without missing a beat. 

How to do Boxer Braids: Start by parting your hair in the center. Start on one side of the head and take three small pieces of hair from the hair line. Start weaving them into a braid using the under weaving technique, which is the opposite of how to do French braids. Continue this method, pulling small strands of hair as you move along. Once you get to the nape of the neck, switch to a regular braiding technique. Secure with a clear elastic band and then continue onto the other side. 


Bun Braid Half Up Half Down How to

Get the Look: Half Up Half Down Braids
There are many different variations of wearing hair in a half up half down braid, but we especially love this mohawk braid top knot. It's a funky twist on a classic half up look, plus it gives you automatic street cred. 

How to Mohawk Braid Top Knot: Start by creating two parts, with each part starting around the corner of the forehead. Grab the "mohawk" center section of hair you've just created. Make a dutch braid with that piece of hair, along the center of the top of the head. Once you hit the top of the crown, secure with a snag-free elastic. Twist the loose hair in the pony you've created and wrap into a bun. Secure with pins. Now use a ceramic flat iron or curling wand to style the rest of your hair. 


Get the Look: Cornrow Braids 
These classic braids are back! We love how celebrities like Rita Ora and Zendaya are interpreting them and making them their own by weaving in ribbon or using temporary hair dyes to add splashes of fun colors in their hair. 

How to Cornrow Braid: Start by parting your to the left side and begin braiding to the right of the part along your hairline. As you continue braiding, add in pieces from both sides to braid down the side of your head. When you add the pieces, grab them underneath the braid to produce an inside-out looking French-braid. When the braid gets behind your ear, you can stop adding pieces and finish up by braiding regularly to the ends. Secure ends with with a snag-free elastic. Move onto the other side. Or if you wish, you can do just one side of cornrows and leave the other side of your hair loose.


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