Essential Hair Brush Guide

There are so many different hair brushes out there in the world! Why would someone need so many and how are they supposed to be used. HSI to the rescue we're here to help you figure out which brushes are best for you and exactly how to use them.

Lets start from wet to dry, because the brush you use to style your hair is probably not the brush you should be using when your hair is wet.

When your hair is wet is is much more fragile and can break easily, if you use the wrong brush it can result in split ends.

Reach for a brush wet flexible bristles that are far apart or a wide tooth comb. Make sure to brush from bottom to top!!

Our favorite brush for wet hair is our EZ Flow Vent brush. It's specially designed to detangle hair and make blow drying quick and easy. Yup its a brush for wet and dry hair! 

A Comb similar to this would be a good option as well but will take longer to detangle with. Try keeping a comb like this in the shower and comb through hair while you have conditioner or a Smoothing Mask in.

So now that we've got the easy stuff out of the way..... let's style them locs!!

There are so many different options when it comes to styling brushes!!

Let's start with straight hairstyling. The star of the show when it comes to straight styling is the Paddle Brush!!

A Paddle Brush can be used to detangle dry locks or it can be used to achieve a straight blow dry. Just like the EZ Flow these two similar brushes can both be used for blow drying so what's the difference? Well, the EZ Flow Vent Brush will blow dry faster because the air flows through while if you have wave in your hair the Paddle Brush will give you more of a straight, sleek result because the pad behind the bristles will trap the heat and act as an ironing effect.

But wait my hair is curly...... No worries you can blow dry with the paddle or better yet grab the 9 row classic styling brush. This denman style brush was originally create for curly locks because the bristles are closer together and set in precise rows it will help to straighten them out.

So these are all great for straight hair but if it volume and bounce your looking for your gonna want to reach for a round brush! Well.... what size round brush should I get there are so many different sizes. The size you choose is really up to preference.

First how long is the length of your hair? If its long you'll want to go for a bigger brush like our 3in Round Brush. If it's short you want to go with something smaller maybe a 2in Round Brush.

Second, What style do you desire? If you want more volume you'll grab a bigger brush, If you want more curl or a tighter flip at the ends go for a smaller brush.

So now your done blow drying and your hair is not as straight as you'd like it to be this little baby right here is one of our favorites, The Straightening Comb!

If your currently using a regular comb to straighten or maybe just your hands you don't know what your missing out on!! Not only does this hold the precise amount of hair in the exact place you need it but it will pull the curl out while your ironing which results in a straighter end result and quicker time to get their which means less heat to get the job done. Win! Win! 


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