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How to Buy the Ideal Curling Set for Your Teenager

by HSI Professional | May 10 2017

When your teen has reached the age that they want to start curling their hair to amplify their personal style, and request their own curling wand, you may have some concerns right off the bat. If you’re not exactly hair styling savvy yourself, you may have absolutely no idea where to start finding your teen the best professional curling iron set for their needs, hair type, and experience level. You may be concerned about the damage that may befall your child’s locks with the heat exposure from the hair iron. When you attempt to shop for your child’s curling wand set, you may be surprised and confused at the amount of materials and other options available in a seemingly simple professional hair curler.

This article will explain how to choose the best professional curling iron set for your teenager’s newfound foray into styling their hair.

Barrel Materials: What’s So Special About Ceramic?

Many moons ago, curling wands were made of good old, dependable metal. These days, there are more options for the material the barrels are made of. The problem with metal curling wand barrels was that they tended to burn and damage the hair as they made contact for the extended time of a few seconds. Ceramic barrels are far superior because they are able to efficiently and evenly conduct the minimal amount of heat needed to be effective, while simultaneously releasing negative ions to combat the chance of damage to the hair by preventing the natural moisture and oils from being stripped from the cuticle of the hair, which could result in damage and splitting.

The smooth surface of the ceramic supplies a more uniform curl to the hair, without collecting any dust or debris that could potentially be transferred to the hair. There is no risk of an unevenly heated barrel or spikes in temperature that results in hot spots, so it is generally better for the hair. Additionally, the negative ions released, act as a smoothing agent when making contact with the hair, preventing frizziness and leaving a smooth curl as the finished product.

HSI Professional curling wands

Tourmaline Coating: What’s That?

Many of the higher-end curling wands are ceramic with a tourmaline coating. A tourmaline coating essentially boosts the level of control the user has over their style. Tourmaline is a natural gemstone or mineral that is ground up and applied over the surface of the ceramic iron. It adds to the smoothness of the barrel’s surface and emits additional negative ions that combine with those of the ceramic, trapping extra moisture and oils. Tourmaline further limits the possible amount of damage to the hair and helps to give the smoothest effect for the curls.

Heat Temperature Regulation

One great feature in any good professional hair curling wand is the ability to automatically sense and regulate the temperature of the barrel. HSI Professional curling wands feature HeatBalance infrared technology, which entails HeatBalance microsensors that regulate the heat five times per second to ensure evenly distributed heat for gleaming curls that hold form longer with reduced damage. The barrels heat up in seconds and the temperature is displayed on an easy-to-read LCD screen on some models.

Digital Temperature Control

The aforementioned LCD displays on many models of HSI Professional curling wands come with more features than just telling the user how hot the barrel is. The display provides 15 heat temperature settings, ranging from 170 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which will be evenly distributed through the barrel with the HeatBalance technology. This ensures a heat setting that is suitable for any hair type, thickness, or texture without having to worry that the user has accidentally set it too low or too high for their needs.

HSI Professional Curling Wand Sets

HSI Professional Curling Wand Sets

Now that you know about the features of curling wands, let’s talk about which HSI Professional curling wand set is best for your teen’s needs.

The Groover is a fairly basic curling wand that is one inch in diameter with a straight barrel made of ionic tourmaline-coated ceramic. It comes with HeatBalance technology, an LCD digital temperature control display that goes up to 450 degrees and heats up in seconds, and has dual voltage capability for travel.

The Professional Curling Wand Set Groover Kit comes with all of the features of the standard Groover wand, but it also comes with four tourmaline-coated ceramic barrels of different sizes: ¾ inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inches, and tapered ¾ to 1 inch.

The Groover Tapered Curling Wand’s barrel tapers from ¾ inch to one inch, making it a versatile tool for all types of curling needs. It boasts the HeatBalance technology, LCD digital temperature control display that reaches up to 450 degrees in seconds, and is equipped with a dual voltage capability for travel.



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