How to Choose a Hair Brush

If you’re anything like the average person then there is a good chance that you’ve taken a look at all of the available hair brushes on the market and found yourself more than a little confused – with good reason, of course. For the longest time, you probably thought that all hair brushes were the same, but don’t worry, we all went through that phase. As someone with eternally curly hair, and a desire for straight hair, I too had to begin the search for the perfect brush to use with an ionic ceramic flat iron. At the end of the day, there wasn’t just ONE. In fact, there are quite a few brushes for different occasions, and we’re going to go through some of the ones that we offer.

Hair Brush

The EZ Flow Vented Brush I like to use this one for detangling and it works great with a blow dryer because the venting allows the air to pass through it quickly. The cool thing about this brush is that it works really well for detangling wet hair, but it can just as easily work for dry hair, making it an optimal addition to your hair care arsenal. If you have long hair then we’re not going to pull any punches here: this one is a must, and it works well with our ceramic flat irons.

The Paddle Brush This is what you would use as your everyday brush; it can be used for both detangling and styling, and it’s actually used the same way as a vented brush. Now, the biggest difference between this and a vented brush, however, is that the air doesn’t pass through it, leading to a much more straight style. If you happen o have dense, curly hair, then you’ve probably found the brush that you’re looking for, right here.

9 Row Brush If you know very little about brushes, then this is probably the one that you’ve been using for most of your life. Actually, before I had a clue about hair styling, I often alternated between the paddle brush and the 9 row brush, but that’s all in the past. The 9 row brush is perfect for detangling and blow-drying, and it’s also great for hair that needs more of a curl.

Round Brush This is one that’s going to work pretty well if you don’t want your hair to be completely straight. It’s absolutely perfect for putting in that little extra bend or curl. The brush you choose will, as always, depend upon the type of hair that you have. For example, if you have longer hair, then you’ll want to go with a larger brush, and you would choose a smaller brush if you want more curl, or if you’re dealing with shorter hair.

Flat Iron Comb This is admittedly the one I use the most, as I’m a bit of a flat iron addict. The straightening comb is something that really helps with curly hair, especially if you have a lot of layers that don’t always like to cooperate. To effectively use the straightening comb, take a 1-inch section of hair, and then put the comb in it.

Follow the comb with the flat iron and watch the magic happen. The straightening comb will ensure that the hair remains evenly distributed and quite frankly, if you have curly hair, this thing is going to be a life saver. If you want to make your experience better with any of these brushes, don’t forget to add our thermal protector spray; it will keep you protected for up to 450 degrees!

Also, make sure you check out this combo: It gives you the paddle brush along with the thermal protectant spray, a combination that you can’t miss out on!

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