How to Choose a Hair Wand Set

No matter the length of your hair, do you have a favorite look when styling it?  Perhaps you are like most women who see a photo in a fashion magazine or online and try to replicate it – all to no avail.  It is frustrating when the look you are aiming for is seemingly unattainable.  But what if we told you that it is because you are probably using the wrong tool.  If you straighten those unruly tresses, you obviously use some sort of hair straightener.

If you curl your hair, you use some type of curling iron.  But you may not have been aware that each tool comes in many different sizes, shapes, and forms.  Each one has a specific purpose, too, and yields different results.  Here at HSI Professional, we offer many different kinds of curling wands and flat irons.  To get the look you want, read the list below to discover which instrument is right for you.

The Marcel Wand, named after the French hairstylist who invented the curling iron, is believed to be the most versatile curling tool.  Unlike most of the curling wands, this Marcel wand looks like a hybrid between a curling iron and a curling wand – it has a clip but it is not spring-loaded – this means that it can be maneuvered and manipulated easier than most curling tools.  It rarely leaves kinks or in the hair and the results look natural, but the technique can be a tricky one to master.

A Bubble Wand is generally very easy to use and would be good for a curling-novice.  It has a textured/bumpy rod to help the user determine placement of the hair when curling.  It “sifts” or guides the hair between the bubbles to yield a nice, even pattern of curls.

The Double-Barrel Iron is an interesting invention as the user wraps their hair in a figure eight pattern around the rods.  Only an option for those with mid-length hair, a ripple like pattern develops, looking like hair does when let out of a tightly wound braid.

The Spiral Iron creates yet another interesting look.  With metal spirals looping around the metal rod this curler gives hair a type of vintage look – bigger curls that lead into smaller ones. Sometimes however, we have different moods and do not always want the same hairstyle.  This causes a problem.  For a different style, you will need a different tool.  But what if you got a hair wand set?

hair wand sets

What’s not to love about saving money on hair wand sets?

So many straighteners, curlers, and other hair tools only serve one purpose.  It can get hectic, not to mention expensive, having so many different tools for so many different looks, especially if they are not all multi-purpose.  It is time to simplify on your gadgets and save some money in the process.  How awesome would it be to spend a fraction of the cost on hair tools?  And never have twenty-five different appliances laying around?

Well, the great news is that we understand the struggle, which is why we now offer straightening sets.  Each set includes everything you should need for practically any look, at just a fraction of the cost.  Just like all those commercials advertise – “bundling saves you money!”  For real! To get the looks you want, while pocketing all those savings, it’s usually best to invest in curling wand sets.

Keep those tresses looking spunky with argan oils!

Argan Oil

When hair is curled too often with heat, it gets dried out.  Curling wands can cause breakage, split ends, and frizz.  But with argan oil infused shampoos, conditioners, and heat protectants, you can prevent heat damage to your hair. From the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree, argan oil is known for its moisturizing properties.  It stimulates hair growth, revitalizes damaged strands, and infuses those gorgeous tresses with natural vitamins.  When these products are used alongside curling iron wands, you can rest assured.

The argan thermal protector is a lightweight spray that is spritzed or misted over the hair before a heated tool is used.  As part of the prep, the thermal protector creates an invisible barrier between the instrument and the hair, protecting it from the intense heat and preventing damage. The argan oil conditioner and shampoo rehydrate dry, damaged tresses and are easy on dyed hair. The argan leave-in hair treatment is to be done exactly as it suggests.  

Once sprayed into the hair, it should be left in.  As it settles in, it soaks into the hair, moisturizing and nourishing the strands to give them a silky, rejuvenated look and texture.  It infuses the hair with vitamins and moisturizing proteins to revive and strengthen the strands.  These leave-in argan oils are sulfate-free and are natural products.

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