How to Choose a Styling Tool - Should you Use a Flat Iron?

by HSI Professional | May 10 2017

The hair tool you use depends entirely on the style you want. Some styling tools are suited specifically for a certain style while others are more versatile. When it comes to choosing a tool, know what look you are going for, first. Knowing the different kinds of tools, too, and the purposes they serve, will help you make a better educated decision when it comes to choosing a styling tool that will suit your hair and the look you are striving for.

The Marcel Wand, named after the French hairstylist who invented the curling iron, is believed to be the most versatile curling tool. Unlike most of the curling wands, this Marcel wand looks like a hybrid between a curling iron and a curling wand – it has a clip but it is not spring-loaded – this means that it can be maneuvered and manipulated easier than most curling tools. It rarely leaves kinks or in the hair and the results look natural, but the technique can be a tricky one to master.

A Bubble Wand is generally very easy to use and would be good for a curling-novice. It has a textured/bumpy rod to help the user determine placement of the hair when curling. It “sifts” or guides the hair between the bubbles to yield a nice, even pattern of curls.

The Double-Barrel Iron is an interesting invention as the user wraps their hair in a figure eight pattern around the rods. Only an option for those with mid-length hair, a ripple like pattern develops, looking like hair does when let out of a tightly wound braid.

The Spiral Iron creates yet another interesting look. With metal spirals looping around the metal rod this curler gives hair a type of vintage look – bigger curls that lead into smaller ones.

Generally, curling wands and professional flat irons can be expensive, especially if they are not all multi-purpose. To get the looks you want, while saving money, it is usually best to invest in hair curling sets. Purchasing straighteners that are multi-purpose will save you money too, while giving you a variety of styles.

professional flat iron

In search of an easy-to-use professional flat iron?

Well, have you ever considered the straightening brush? If you haven’t you should! It cannot get any easier than this. It is literally straightening your hair while brushing it! Why not save time and do both together? Our two-in-one heated straightening brush is a new invention that features an ionic ceramic tourmaline-infused hot plate. This hot plate uses 4 microsensors and infrared technology to regulate the temperature and distribute the heat evenly throughout so that fewer passes are needed through your hair. This is the key for maintaining healthy, moisturized tresses.

Lower heat and less passes are the best way to get frizz-free silky locks that shine while protecting your hair cuticles from overheat exposure. You no longer have to waste time waiting for the straightener to heat up because the plate warms up within seconds. Adjusting the temperature setting on the digital display on the brush’s handle is super quick and easy. The heat options can be adjusted between the range of 350-450°F to accommodate your specific hair type and texture.

As a general rule of thumb – the thinner the hair, the lower the heat. Using the straightening brush is similar to other hair straighteners except for the fact that you do not have to clamp a one-inch piece of hair between plates. Gather a moderate amount of hair and drag the brush slowly down the hair, straightening it as you go. Because you are using a brushing motion instead of the ceramic plates, keep the brush going in a straight line on your selected strands so you do not pick up stragglers and make it a frizzy mess.

With a professional flat iron, never forget to protect your hair!

Guard your hair with heat protectants before using hair straightening irons. As part of the prep, our thermal protector creates an invisible barrier between the heated tool and the hair, protecting it from the intense heat, preventing damage while the hair is being styled.

This thermal protector is a lightweight spray that’s spritzed or misted over the hair before a professional hair straightener is used. This argan heat protectant can also be used as a styling mist because it detangles the hair while giving it a sleek, healthy look, and moisturizes as the hair is being worked.


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