How to Choose the Best HSI Professional Hair Products

Choosing the wrong product for your hair type is an all too common problem, and not one that we want you to have. It's a lot like shopping for your body type: a female who lacks a curvy figure will likely shop differently than one who has an incredibly curvy figure – one may be more inclined to play up what she has with her outfit selection, while the other might be okay with toning down those curves with hers. You see the point: haircare isn't a one size fits all deal.

You'll want to consider your hair type honestly before making any purchases to ensure that you're making the best decision for your own hair. Chances are you're already painfully aware of your hair downfalls: your curls turn easily to frizz; your stick straight hair has no body; you can't keep your health moisturized or healthy to save your life. So, where does that leave you? Great news: at HSI, we provide a number of ways to determine how you can choose the best HSI Professional products for your hair.

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HSI Professional Hair Products

Step number one in solving the mystery of what products are best for your hair? Visiting our web site. Our web site has a ton of resources specifically geared towards those who aren't quite sure what steps to take, what products to purchase, in order to get the hair that they want. On our web site, users can Shop by Concern – Dry/Damaged Hair, Thick Hair, and Frizzy Hair; Shop by Result – Straight Hair, Curly Hair; and read the latest and greatest in tutorials and blog posts all about healthy hair care. Navigating through our web site, you'll find an overview of all of our products.

Simply stated: we provide high quality professional products that'll ensure your hair is styled efficiently, to your satisfaction, and in a healthy way – with each product geared to meet a specific hair-type need. We have a range of straightener options: the Glider Elite Professional, the Glider + Tourmaline Digital Flat Iron, and the Glider Ceramic Flat Iron. Each has its own unique strengths in dealing with curls, and all of them use 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors to regulate the temperature and evenly distribute heat so that fewer passes are needed as you straighten your hair. This is the best way to ensure efficiency while maintaining great hair health.

Maybe you have that stick-straight hair and would love some great products to give you some curl. Our Professional Curling Wand Set – Groover Kit is a 4 piece ceramic curling wand with digital LCD, and is a best seller among our wands. The Groover Tapered Curling Wand and Groover Curling Wand are 1 inch ceramic curling wands with digital LCD, are more moderately priced, and are easy to use. Perhaps you're finding that your hair dryer does more damage and “over drying” to your hair than you'd like. Your solution? Find a quality hair dryer, like the ones we provide at HSI. The Dryonizer 3300 is a ceramic blow dryer with a digital touch screen LCD, and the Dryonizer 2200 is the same minus the touch screen.

These hair dryers feature an 1875 watt ionic ceramic HeatBalance motor that produces consistent heat and air pressure, locking in moisture and breaking down water molecules 40% quicker than any other dryer. This means your hair gets a break from long dry times that do more to damage hair than anything else. Don't forget to pair the right product with your HSI Professional tools to boost results.

Our web site will guide you as you navigate through hair type to the best Argan Oil products for your hair type. Why Argan Oil? Argan Oil is known for its ability to repair and enrich dry and damaged hair as it replenishes moisture and shine and protects the hair from future frizz.

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Sometimes the best way to know what product is right for you is to see it in action for yourself before you ever buy it. If you find yourself in the Miami area, don't hesitate to visit our Hairbar, where we'll work with your hair to provide the style you desire – whether it be for a night out, a special event, or just a random day at work. In doing this, you'll see our products in use for yourself as you watch our professional staff work with your hair.

From curly to straight, from straight to curly – we'll give you the style you want and walk you through the process, if you'd like. It's not all business, though; we feel that whenever you get your hair done, a little pampering is in order. That's why the moment you walk in the door, we greet you with a glass of wine.

Finally, any time you visit our hairbar and purchase a styling session, we'll give you points toward your purchase of any product – think of it as a rewards system for your hair, and a guilt free way to shop. Don't be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there for professional hair products. Simply visit our web site or stop by our salon today to find the perfect products for your hair!  


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