How To: Bohemian Fishtail Side Braid

The bohemian style fishtail a great way to combine a French braid and a side fishtail braid. Here is how to do it!

First, take a four-inch section at the top of the crown and begin a French braid by dividing hair into three sections and crossing the outside section over to the middle one.

As you cross, add hair from the outside sections to join the section in the middle. Continue braiding down the left side only gathering hair from that side.

Stop at the ear and secure with a clip. Take all the remaining hair from the right side and twist it over to the left just above the clip.

Divide the end of that section into two pieces and take the clip out of the first grade to combine the tail of the first grade with the closest section of the two pieces from the second grad.

Now, create a fishtail braid by taking tiny sections of hair from the outside of each section and bring to the middle to combine with the other one.

Continue all the way down to the end of the section and secure with an elastic.

Finish the style by tugging the edges of the braid to give more volume.

Like this style? Try it out and post your do on Instagram with the hashtag #HSIProfessional and you could be featured on our page! Click here to view the full video tutorial. 

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