How To: Tucked French Braid Up-do

This tucked braid updo is a great style for any event.
Take a two-inch section of hair from the front, then using the HSI groover 1.5 inch curling wand, wrap it around the barrel starting from several inches from the roots in the direction going away from the face. Hold the curl for a few seconds. Continue to curl the entire head in two-inch sections curling away from the face.
Create a top section on the crown divided into three sections and begin a Dutch braid by crossing the outside section one at a time underneath the middle section after every braid.
Add sections from the outside on both sides of the head and connected with the center section.
Continue to Dutch braid down the back of the head evenly touch the sides of the braid to loosen.
Continue to braid and loosen as you go along. Secure with an elastic a few inches before reaching the end.
Roll the braid up into a bun just behind the right ear tuck the ends under the bun.
Finish the style by securing with bobby pins.
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