How To: Romantic Low Chignon

If you're looking for a creative yet simple way to create a Grecian look, try the romantic chignon on with a headband.
First, take a two-inch section of hair from the front, then using the HSI Professional Groover 1.5 inch curling wand wrap it around the barrel starting from several inches from the roots in the direction going away from the face. Hold the curl for a few seconds, then let it drop from the barrel into your hand and gently put it down.
Continue to curl the entire head into inch sections curling away from the face. To soften the curls, lightly brush through using a brush like the HSI Professional EZ Flow Vented hairbrush.
Take an elastic band and place it around the crown of the head. Take a small section from the front right side and bring it towards the back of the head, then tuck the entire section into the headband.
Take another small section next to the first on the right side and repeat the process. Then take one final section from the right side and tuck it into the headband.
Repeat this process on the left side with another three sections. Finish the style by evenly adjusting the loops in the back.
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