How To: Voluminous Bouncy Blow Out

Today we're going from bland to bombshell with the voluminous massive
After washing the hair, apply the HSI Thermal Spray to protect the hair from heat damage.
Section of the crown and spray the roots with mousse. This will help give more volume.
Section out the crown at a diagonal curb toward the back and secure with a clip. Begin blow drying in one inch sections using a round brush.
Focus the heat at the roots and guide the brush up and away from the scalp. The higher the angle you put your brush away from the head the more volume it produces.
Always remember to blow the hair in the direction of the hair shaft to avoid frizz. Using the nozzle attachment helps direct the air flow better.
When you reach the crown section, blow-dry under the section to create more
volume in that area.
For this style, we want to twist and place the hair away from the face as an optional finishing touch. Go back through the crown and spray the roots with hairspray.

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