How to Do Beach Waves

Summer is right around the corner and if you’re like me then you’ve spent some time scrolling your Facebook page, and you’ve probably seen a few people whose hairstyles are already on point. It’s not fair, June isn’t here yet and they’ve already kicked it into full gear! One of the coolest I saw this time around was a girl with the most amazing beach waves, so I thought, why not? Let’s do a quick tutorial on getting the perfect beach waves! Remember, there are different hair types, so your results may vary, but with the right equipment (from HSI Professional), you should get the result that you’re looking for in no time.

Take our ionic ceramic flat iron, for example – it gets outstanding coverage without multiple passes, meaning you’re less likely to damage your hair, which is always a good thing. That said, let’s get on with it, and walk you through creating the perfect beach waves just in time for summer. Make sure you’re following these instructions, and remember that you can always experiment – everyone has different hair and everyone has different preferences. The most important thing is getting the beach waves you want.


Get the Waves You Want with our Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron

1. You’re going to start this process by parting off the top and crown areas of your head with a horizontal section. I strongly recommend that you use a heat resistant clip for this, but you can also use elastic bands if you wish.

2. Once you have finished step one, go ahead and grab another horizontal section of hair front the top of your ear, then pull it over the top of your head to the ear on the other side. Clip it up loosely.

3. Grab a vertical section in the nape of your neck and hold it out at a 90-degree angle, and spray each section of your hair with our Argan oil heat protectant product.

4. Open the flat iron and hold it parallel to the section of hair (don’t hold it at an angle) and then, with it still open, flip it 180 degrees. Close it gently throughout this process, and as you do so, remember that the slower you move, the more curl you are going to get.

5. Unclip both sides of your hair.

6. Repeat the process for the nape of your neck but vary the direction. Go ahead and unclip the last area.

7. Maintain the vertical angle and repeat the process. If you have followed these directions precisely then congratulations, you now have amazing beach waves and you’re ready to face the hot summer days on the beach either with friends or alone! When done with our ceramic flat iron, these can look absolutely amazing, but we want to take a minute to ask you to observe safety as much as possible.

First of all, make sure that when you flat iron your hair for beach waves, that you pay mind to the heat setting as too great a level First of all, make sure that when you flat iron your hair for beach waves, that you pay mind to the heat setting as too great a level can, in fact, damage your hair and cause more than just a styling issue.

For good measure, check out our online store and look into our heat protectant which will keep your hair from becoming burned during the process and ensure that you get the beach waves you want and the healthy hair to go along with them. Summer is about to start, are you ready?

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