How to Fix Hair When Frizz is Inevitable

There is nothing worse than knowing that your hair is going to be exposed to frizz at some point, which means if you don’t do everything just right, your Argan oil treatment is going to be for nothing. No one wants that, and fortunately, there are a few things that you can do about it. Maybe you’re going to be stepping out into the raid, or maybe you’re heading to the water park later. Either way, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your hair looks great even after you dry it off.

Argan oil treatment

Start by Fighting Frizz in the Shower

Using an Argan oil treatment isn’t enough, you have to start by doing battle with the frizz while you’re standing in the shower, and with that being the case, you need to use a formula that is specifically designed for frizz. We have a few products in our inventory that you will definitely want to start looking into! Once you finish in the shower, we’ve said this before and we’re going to say it again (and again): blot it dry.

One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make with their hair is to wipe it dry with a towel and let’s face it unless you have a microfiber towel, you really don’t want to drag it through your hair. Instead, blot it dry and remove excess water by soaking it up. If you want, you can use a paper towel or a t-shirt for this.

Preparing for Rain

You know what they said: when it rains it storms and you need to be ready for anything. We strongly recommend that you use a product that can seal in your moisture so that the rain cannot simply wash it out the moment it chooses to appear. A leave-in conditioner, for example, will create a moisture barrier and keep your hair looking great.

Get it Dry as Soon as Possible

There is little doubt that you’re going to want to get your hair dry as quickly as possible, which can be a bit of a tall order. The faster your hair goes from wet to dry, the better off you are going to be, hands down. You can start by blow drying, and you should make sure that your hair is bone dry before you rush back out into the elements. If you are just coming in from the rain, or if you’ve just stepped out of the shower, you’re going to want to avoid touching your hair as this can push the moisture further into the hair shaft. Hair is porous, after all.

Fight the Frizz with a Serum

Serums can serve as a quick fix for frizzy hair, and you’ll start by applying it to the bottom of the hair, working your way up to the roots. If you want to add some extra protection, then you may want to try flyaway tamer, as this can give you a silky, glossy finish.

Think Before you Brush

You’re probably going to be tempted to brush your hair after it gets wet, and no one can really blame you, but try not to brush out any natural wave formations that your hair takes on after it gets wet. This will actually cause it to become worse, so detangle the hair using a comb.

Silk is your Friend

Argan oil hair treatment

Silk can protect your hair while you’re sleeping, and one of our favorite hacks is to sleep in a silk scarf. It’ softer, and it will help to keep your hair smooth. If you don’t feel like sleeping with a scarf around your head, then it might be a good idea to use a silk or satin pillowcase. It won’t be quite as effective, but it will at least help a bit, and that’s what matters.

Fighting the weather and elements definitely presents some serious challenges, so make sure you’re using the above methods, and most importantly, an Argan oil hair treatment to keep yours in the best condition possible, even in the rain.


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