How To: Boho Half Up, Half Down Double Braids

Try this boho half of double braid for an easy crown braid updo perfect for all occasions!

Begin by taking a six inch section at the crown and divide it into two sections.

Clip off the section closest to the hairline and start braiding the second section by dividing it into three.

Take the middle section and cross it over the right section and the right section under the left section.

Continue braiding all the way down to the end secure and with an elastic.

Repeat the same process with the section that was clipped off and tug the edges of each braid to give more volume.

Take back the braid and wrap it around the crown of the head. Secure with a bobby pin.

Take the front braid and cross it over the first one. Wrap it around the crown just about the first grade. Secure with a bobby pin and tuck the ends underneath the first grade.

Take a four-inch section on the other side of the head and start braiding.

Secure with an elastic and wrap the last braid around the crown right below the other two completed braids. Secure with a bobby pin.


Want to see the full video tutorial? Click here. 

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