How To: Dutch Mohawk Ponytail

Dress out the boring ponytail with a braided mohawk. This Dutch mohawk ponytail is perfect for an edgy look.
Begin to brush a two-inch section of hair at the center of the forehead to remove any tangles.
Divide the section into three and begin a Dutch braid by crossing one side section over the middle section, then crossing the other side section over the middle. Continue braiding by adding small sections of hair into the braid keeping it right along the center of the top of the head.
When you reach the back of the crown, continue normal braiding. Secure with an elastic about five inches before the end of the tail.
Tuck the sides of the braid to get volume. Grab all the hair into a ponytail and remove the elastic that is securing the braid.
Grab a two-inch section from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to cover it. Secure with bobby pins.
To finish the style, slightly backcomb the rest of the ponytail using the HSI Professional paddle brush.
Recreate this look and snap a picture on Instagram using the hashtag #HSIProfessional! Want to see the full video tutorial? Click here.

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