How to: Braided Up-do

The braided updo is an easy five minute summer style that works year-round.
Take a section of the hair from the hairline just beyond the arch of the eyebrows around the crown and pin an X with two bobby pins to secure it in place halfway down the back of the head.
This creates the base of the braid and the centerpiece. Take a one inch section
from the hairline on the right just above the ear and cross it over your "X" bobby pins covering them. Secure the section on the other side with a bobby pin.
Repeat on the left side overlapping the piece from the right and secure with a bobby pin.
Take a section from the bottom just below the ear on the right and cross over the middle. There should now be three sections.
Take the remaining section from below the left ear and cross over to the
middle. Continue basic braid until you reach the end.
Secure with an elastic tug and on the sides of the braided tail to loosen the braid
making it larger.
Bring the tail of the braid up the back of the head.
Tuck and hide the ends at the base where you started. Secure with bobby pins.
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