How to Get More Volume when Straightening with Flat Irons for Hair

Straightening your hair is pretty easy with an HSI hair straightener and HSI’s hair products, but one of the biggest challenges that many of us face is getting a little bit more volume, or any volume at all into our hair once all is said and done. More than once, we’ve heard people complain that they finish straightening their hair, and it simply falls flat.

There are some people who like the ‘flat’ look, but if you’re someone who wants a little bit more volume in their hair, then you’re probably searching desperately for products and methods to get the volume back into your hair and give yourself the look that you’ve been imagining all along. Yep, that’s a challenge, but we have a few key pieces of advice here that should get you to where you need and what to be even after you use flat irons for hair.

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Tips for Maintaining Volume with Flat Irons for Hair

In its own way, straight hair can be extremely pretty. It's very sleeping, it’s shiny, and it moves well. The problem is that hair straighteners often leave it with no volume and no movement, so to start, we’re going to talk about how you should go about preparing your hair with a flat iron in such a way that you get the straightness, but you also the volume that your hair needs to give you just a bit of personality.

Step 1: Apply Heat ProtectantYou can find heat protectant right here in our store, and the first thing you need to know is that it’s not going to add volume to your hair. In spite of that, however, it WILL keep your hair from becoming brittle and dry, which contributes to greater volume later on in the process.

Step 2: Pull it into a Bun. For this next step, you’ll want to pull the top half of your hair, into a bun. You’re going to need to straighten your hair in three different layers, at least, but if you have very thick hair, you’ll probably have to separate it into, even more, thinner sections.

Step 3: Start Small. The next thing you’ll want to do is start with a small section of hair near your hairline. Taking a 1 to 2-inch section, clamp your iron as close as you can without burning your scalp. When you do this, we would recommend that you use an iron with less than one inch in thickness to ensure that you can actually get close enough to the scalp. Step 4: Up and Away. Instead of pulling the hair back and straight as you might be accustomed to with straightening, pull it upward and way from your scalp. Once the straightener is halfway through the strand, go ahead, and pull the iron away from your head. Going upward, instead of straight back or down will create volume.

Tip: If you’re having trouble touching your hair after straightening, use a hairbrush, or use a heat protectant glove. Keep in mind however that this can indicate that your flat iron is at too high of a temperature, and you might want to scale it back a little.

Step 5: Continue straightening and finish the rest of the layers in a similar fashion to the first. At this point, you can start teasing your hair, but make sure you use a flexible hairspray to ensure that you can style the hair while allowing it to move around a bit – this too will help to add more volume.

Step 6: Continue using your HSI hair straightener to bring out the best in your hair, and remember to work in small sections. The thicker your hair is, the more work it is going to be, but it’s definitely worth it in the end!

Step 7: Finish the job by running your fingers through the hair, beginning at the roots to give it some lift.

You’re Done!

Your hair finally has the volume that you want, and straightening it was easy! Use this method every time you want to add volume and enjoy!


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