How To: Get Started as an HSI Professional Ambassador

So, you've filled out your application, and have been accepted as an HSI Professional Ambassador - Congratulations!   

As part of HSI Professional's team you will gain access to exclusive perks, have easy access to the tools and products you need to become legendary, all with support from HSI Professional along the way.                            




We are happy to have you on board and we're sure you have lots of questions.

Below we've run down all the nitty gritty details to answer most of your questions, plus a few tips and tricks to help you jump start your career with HSI Professional. 


Let's start with your HSI Professional account:

This account provides you many of your daily tools, probably the most common place you will be visiting. Here lives your stylist profile, a place to show people who you are and what services your offer. You also have your very own blog space. This space allows you to converse with other stylists about problems, common styles, or just getting a second opinion on techniques. You may log in here with the account information you provided when submitting your application. 


Moving on, your Refersion Affiliate account:

This account is the less fun, more business related side of things. Here your address, email, and other contact information will live. Make sure to keep these updated as we do send out goodies to our lovely ambassadors from time to time. You can track your sales, and see what commission rate you are currently receiving. Though that sounds mostly boring, this is also how you will track your total sales and request a pay out! You may log in here with your account information you provided when submitting your application. 

Quick tip: Make sure to log in under the Affiliate page, rather than through the Client page. 



Your Discount Code: 

This code is how we track your sales, so make sure your clients are using it. Most clients will jump at the chance to use it anyway, as it allows up to 40% off our site! This code is a trigger in your Refersion account, and updates the purchases made with your discount code in real time. 

Quick Tip: You can use your discount code yourself for any additional items you may want outside of the two stylist packages we offer. 


Speaking of Stylist Packages:

We have two packages specifically designed for you! They come in BELOW WHOLESALE prices, can you believe it? I guess we really like you

Pro Stylist Starter Kit  - click to view 

Premium Stylist Starter Kit  - click to view 



Last but not least, if you have any other questions, concerns, or needs please don't hesitate in reaching out. We can be reached quickly via email at or through phone at 305-888-0809. We wish you all the best and are always here for your professional styling needs! 



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