How To Get The Best Results From A Hair Curling Wand On Long Hair

Every woman is an expert in curling irons now. They've been a staple in their hair styling tools for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, they've even been around longer than electricity itself! If you're a pro at curling your hair with irons now, you've probably seen curling wands coming onto the market and wondered what on earth the difference is. This guide will help you decide if they're for you and help you use them to get the best results.

So, what's a curling wand?

A curling wand is actually very similar to your curling irons. The only major difference is that the curling wand has no clamp on it. That means when you use it, you hold your hair around the shaft yourself rather than clamping it down. Most hair curler sets come with a heatproof glove, so you can hold it on without burning your fingers.

Curling wand vs. curling iron

Why would you use a curling wand over curling irons? There's a couple of different reasons why you may want to switch.
  • A hair curl iron relies on the clamp to keep your hair in place as it's being styled. Depending on the nature of your hair, you may find that it leaves a dent or mark in your hair once the hair has been unwrapped. A wand helps you avoid this.
  • A curling wand will give you a different look to curling irons. If you find curling irons leave you looking like Little Orphan Annie, a curling wand may be your best bet. The design of them means you get a much more relaxed wave or curl, which looks more natural to the eye.

How to use a curling wand

curling wand

If you've been using curling irons, using a curling wand is not too different. Here's a step by step guide to getting the most out of your wand.

  • Step One: Pick your curling wand. The professional curling wand you choose needs to be right for you. The smaller the barrel, the tighter your curls will be. Also, you need to choose either a tapered barrel, for more spiral like curls, or a regular barrel for natural curls.
  • Step Two: Set the heat. Most wands come with a variety of heat settings on them. Some may come with 'low - medium - high' settings, or even with a full temperature gauge. As you pick the heat setting, remember that going higher means your hair is at higher risk of damage. However, you know your hair and how much heat it needs to curl, so choose the lowest setting possible for you.
  • Step Three: Prep your hair. Ideally, your hair should be one day out from being washed in order to hold a curl best. Give your dry hair a good brush, and use a heat protection spray. Then, section it out with hair clips. This will make it easier to access all of your hair and curl it properly.
  • Step Four: Ready your equipment. Turn on the hair styling wand and give it a few minutes to heat up fully. Doing this means you'll get the full benefit and proper curl out of your wand. Now, put on the heat resistant glove that came with it. Some sources will tell you this is optional, but it isn't. use your wand without it and you run the risk of burning yourself. Your hand takes the place of the clamp, so don't take any risks with your safety.
  • Step Five: Get curling. Take sections of your hair and wrap them around the barrel. Try to wrap them around the base rather than the end of the barrel. Leave your hair wrapped for no longer than 10 seconds. Wands appear to work faster than irons, so you don't need to keep it around the barrel as long.  As you remove the hair from the barrel, keep it in a spiral shape so it doesn't lose the curl. Bobby pin it up as it cools, and move onto the next section. If you're looking for a more natural look, you can just let it drop.
  • Step Six: Finish the style. Once you've curled all your hair, your curls may look a little stiff, Lightly mist some hairspray into your hair, then run your fingers through it to break them up and create a more natural style. That's it, you're now done!

It's really easy to use hair curling wands, so if you're looking for a way to create more natural looking curls, look no further. They're easy to use and make your hair look fantastic, no matter the occasion. Give them a go and see for yourself.


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I have been using the karmin curling wand and works really well for my hair :-)

Juana April 05, 2017

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