How to Get the Most out of your Iron Straightener

by HSI Professional | Apr 27 2017

Hair straightening is a styling technique used by salon professionals and people who incorporate it into their beauty regime on a daily basis. People new to using a heated straightening brush may be lost on how to get the most out of their product on their first try. There are lists, tips, and tricks abound on the worldwide web on how to get the ‘best’ and ‘longest lasting results’. We understand entering the world of hair straightening can be an intimidating prospect, but we’re here to demonstrate how to get the most out of your device.

Understand the Materials

Heated Straightening BrushHere at HSI Professional, we’ve talked extensively about the materials used in hair straighteners, flat irons, and other products. Ceramic and tourmaline are two words our consumers have become quite familiar with, but for those who don’t know, they’re household names in the beauty industry. The debate between the two usually falls down to which one is better than the other. The truth behind the two it depends entirely on your hair type whether ceramic or tourmaline is recommended. Ceramic plates have an even heat distribution and lower the potential of causing heat damage. The downside is the ceramic coating can chip off over time which causes snagging, so it’s often recommended to use plates made completely out of ceramic. Tourmaline is the other material to be intimately familiar with in the world of hair styling. Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral that has been crushed up and used to coat the plates of the flat iron. The material helps to make hair less frizzy, shinier, and straighter.

Preparation before Application

We can’t stress this enough when people are using a straightening brush, but preparation before application plays a huge part in the kind of results you can expect when using our products. One example is how people will apply heat protectant spray and apply their hair straightener immediately afterward. This results in alarming amounts of smoke rising up from their hair. The hair straightener is not burning the hair, but instead, is burning the heat protectant.

This causes the ‘smoke’ to come up and is alarming, but it doesn’t mean the straightening brush is burning your hair. Conditioning and shampooing hair ahead of time is another recommendation we make to our consumers too. The reason for doing this is to ensure your hair is easy to work with before straightening and you’ll also want to let it air dry. When you allow your hair to air dry it retains more moisture, volume, and is easier to work with.

Be Careful with the Temperature Dial

Temperature with a heated straightening brush is extremely important when using it on your hair. The reason being hair straighteners are the entire reason behind this styling technique. They use heat to change the structure and texture of hair so it’s sleeker, smoother, and silkier to the touch. The basic rule of thumb we recommend when using these products is the finer and more delicate the hair, the lower the temperature needed to straighten it out. When hair thicker and fuller, the higher the heat has to be to straighten it out.

Understand the Difference between a Flat Iron and a Heated Straightening Brush

heated straightening brush

One question we’re asked quite a bit is whether there is a difference between a flat iron and a straightening heated brush. The answer is yes, there is a difference, but you can usually expect the same results with a few variations in how to handle each one. We highly recommend using our brush since it offers a greater range of motion, better grip, and is easier to handle compared to a flat iron. Using a heated brush means you’ll be able to straighten out hair in fewer passes and is safer to handle compared to a flat iron.

Flat irons are stiffer and should require more experience to handle properly. However, flat irons can be used for hair treatments like sealing in keratin and other hair styling techniques. Enjoying long lasting hair straightening results is a bit of a science, trial, and error, and having a little bit of experience using these types of products. We have all the hair care products you need to enjoy long lasting results and to have your hair looking its best in no time.


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