How To: Glitter Roots!

by HSI Professional | Nov 30 2016

With the festive season around the corner, you are probably taking inventory of all the glittery things in your arsenal. And if your old sequin dresses, sparkly eyeshadows or metallic shoes and clutches might feel a tad boring, here is a new trend that involves plenty of shine and can up your hair game for the holidays: glitter roots.

Whether you want to look like a futuristic space babe, or simply want to hide the roots you have not had time to touch up, splashing your part line with glitter can help.

The method is simple and all you need besides glitter is hair gel and a hairbrush. Depending on how much sparkle you want, mix the glitter and hair gel together and, once you tie your hair back into pigtails so that your roots are held back tight apply the shiny mixture on the desired areas. To finish, you can sprinkle even more shimmery particles across the roots for extra wow.

Look for glitter in loose powder form (the one for nails works just fine) at any Walgreens or Sephora store. As an alternative, go for hair and body glitter spray to keep things less messy.

Tempted to try this trend anytime soon, girls?



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