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Hair extensions are more than just an accessory that you take off at the end of the day, they’re a part of you, no matter which type you purchase. Some extensions are intended to stay in your hair for months at a time, and then there are others that simply clip in. There are two things that they all have in common, however:

1. They are expensive

2. They tangle easily

Remember, if you have real hair extensions rather than synthetic extensions, then they are going to act like real hair, including the absorption factor. That being said, we strongly recommend that you use the best HSI Professional products to ensure that you’re not selling your extensions short, so to speak. That said, let’s talk about a few methods that you can use to ensure that your extensions remain in good condition for the foreseeable future and that you don’t spend every single night trying to work out horrible tangling.

HSI Professional Products

A Word about Extensions from HSI Professional

Extensions are a great thing, no one can deny that, but while you might have opted for real hair extensions, there’s a serious problem that you might not be considering. Extensions no longer have the natural oils from your scalp, and with that being the case, without the proper care, they are going to become tangled; there’s just no way around it. One of the tips that we can give is to use an ionic brush which releases ions during the brushing, this causes your hair to become moisturized and shiny, but it also detangles your hair while preventing shedding. We strongly recommend brushing your hair 2-3 times per day with an ionic brush to ensure the best possible results.

It’s Time for a New Routine

Let’s assume for a moment that you’re wearing semi-permanent hair extensions. If that is the case, and if you really want them to last, then you’re going to need to take a few minutes at night to brush your hair. We strongly recommend that you put it into a braid or at least a loose ponytail to ensure that it all stays in the same place throughout the night. Tossing and turning can cause your hair to become more tangled, though you probably already knew that. If you want to really up to the ante, try swapping your cotton pillowcase out for a satin or silk one to reduce friction. You don’t have much control over what you do while you’re asleep, but you can at least control what your hair exposed to, and that is absolutely priceless.

Get the Right Products

You need to spend some real money on some real hair products if you want your extensions to survive more than a few months under your care. There are a ton of great products out there, as you probably already know, and there are some right here in our store. HSI Professional products are infused with Argan oil which is essential to ensuring that your hair remains in great condition no matter what.

Reduce Exposure

As always, HSI Professional strongly recommends that you reduce exposure to both chemicals and heat. Obviously, you cannot help some of these things, but remember that your hair, including your hair extensions, is like a sponge. It absorbs everything, and the wrong exposure can make them look absolutely horrible. Keep this in mind if you’re using heat products, like blow dryers, curling irons, or flat irons, and make use of a heat protectant – one that you can buy right here in our store.

Keep up the maintenance

We cannot adequately explain the urgency of keeping up the maintenance on your hair. Use a hair mask, and makes sure you’re constantly brushing, every day. Finally, make sure that you set aside at least twenty minutes per day to maintain your extensions. It might not seem like a lot, but it’s going to make a huge difference in the long run. Trust us.


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