How to Keep your Hair Healthy when you Straighten Every Day

If you’re straightening every single day then there’s a good chance that you’re worried about hair damage, and rightly so. There are many benefits to straightening, especially with HSI Professional products, for example, you’ll get that sleek, smooth look that you’ve been going for, but you could also damage your hair if you don’t’ take proper care of it beforehand.

While there are definitely some who will tell you that straightening every single day can cause damage, there are certain steps that you can take to make sure that your hair doesn’t devolve into a frizzy mess. HSI Professional has some great products out there, you just need to make sure you’re using them.

HSI Professional Products

Get the Right HSI Professional Products

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of making sure that you are using professional products. A quality flat iron will definitely be a good starting point, and it all starts with choosing one that has multiple temperature settings so that you can make the right choice for your hair texture. Irons that have multiple temperature settings will be a bit pricier, but if you go inexpensive, you will only have a single setting (450 degrees), and this will cause damage to your hair over time. I

f your flat iron simply has the settings: On, Off, Low, and High, then you’re not getting the most out of it, unless you somehow have thick, coarse hair that can only work well with the highest setting. In addition to that, we strongly recommend getting a smaller iron, perhaps an inch and a half wide or smaller. If you choose a larger iron you will get more coverage, but you won’t be able to get close to your scalp. Finally, consider the type of plates that you are using. Take the following chart into account when doing so:

Ceramic – These are responsible for distributing heat evenly across the hair. For the average hair type, HSI Professional can easily recommend ceramic plates. Just remember to use our products, and stay away from irons that are simply ceramic coated, as these are in no way helpful.

Titanium – Curly hair can benefit greatly from titanium, so if you’re going to be straightening every single day, pick one that can really handle the curls on the first pass.

Don’t Forget to Protect your Hair

If you are in fact going to be straightening your hair every single day, you will need to make sure that you have a good supply of heat protectant on hand. HSI Professional actually has a pretty decent heat protectant products, so do keep that in mind when you shop with us. While heat protectant is great, you also have to prepare your hair even further ahead of time. One of the most important things that we would recommend here, is the use of a smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

No, these are not going to aid in straightening your hair, as you probably already know, but they will help to ensure that your hair remains moisturized, which will help to prepare it for the straightening process. That, in itself, is incredibly helpful! In addition to a smoothing shampoo, however, you might want to think about going for a strengthening shampoo.

Get Down with Brushes

Brushing your hair beforehand can help a lot, and if you’re planning to use a blow dryer, then it might be within your best interest to choose one that is correct for your hair type. For example, if you want to keep your curly style, then you might choose a vented brush from HSI professional as it allows hot air to escape during the drying process. If you have thicker, curly hair that you would like to straighten, however, then you would want to go with a non-vented brush for greater effect.

Hair Preparation is Key

If you’re really going to straighten every single day, then you need to do more than use heat protectant. That’s a great step, but it’s not really going to help you keep your hair 100% safe. Keep it trimmed, as damaged hair will simply become even more damaged as it goes through the straightening process. As you can see, getting your hair ready for the straightening process isn’t necessarily easy, but the preparation is absolutely essential. Keep your hair in good shape and protect it. Yes, you can straighten every day, but please, straighten responsibly!


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