How To Maintain Your Natural Hair In The Humidity

Summer is almost here! For many of us, that means long hot days, plenty of sunshine, and potentially bad hair days.  

Every girl loves a hot day at the beach or pool party, and a major part of your summer style is your hair! But during the summer months your hair may not want to cooperate, and it's all thanks to humidity.

During the summer, after you've spent hours straightening and styling your hair, you may experience frizz, poofing or kinks. This will usually happen to your hair after being outdoors for a while. If you are trying to grow out your natural hair, kinks can be especially detrimental to the process.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much about seasonal summer frizz if you have haircare options for the days you just can’t deal with. There are a lot of style options to keep you hair frizz free this summer, along with a few humidity-proof products to help you maintain your fro in the heat.

Try these tips and tricks on how to maintain your natural hair in the humidity and enjoy a frizz-free summer!

Make natural oils and Shea butter your new best friends


Although the frizz you are trying to avoid is caused by moisture, that is exactly what your hair needs to stay sleek this summer. If your hair is on the thick or coarse side like most natural hair, a carrier oil like Argan oil and Shea butter will help keep it soft and frizz free.  Both of these moisturizers are a thicker cream and they act as a perfect sealant for thick hair textures. For something a bit lighter, try using another carrier oil such as Jojaba or Grapeseed oil. You can also mix the Shea butter with the oil to make your own custom hair cream. 

Have a great selection of protective updo styles on deck


Wearing your hair in an updo style or protective style is always a good idea for summer time. When you wear your hair down out or out, it has the freedom to do whatever it wants. Hair has a mind of its own when it comes to humidity, so why give it the chance to act out? Hair with tighter curls are more likely to experience frizz, so you should get a few humidity-friendly styles together you can use to prevent a bad summer hair day. Styling your hair with braids, updos styles and even lazy girl buns are always a good idea in the heat!

Don’t overwash and wear your hair out


Overwashing happens more often in the summer as we are spending more time outdoors and in the water. This may mean more days when our hair gets dirty and requires a good wash. Sweating in the sun is also a reason you may want wash your hair more often. But over washing dries out your hair and leads to more frizz. And that’s the opposite of what you want! If you absolutely must wash your hair, make sure you use a good moisturizing shampoo or dry shampoo and always use a leave-in conditioner. Adding a little gel or cream after washing also helps!

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