How to Properly Take Care of a Hair Weave

How to Properly Take Care of a Hair Weave

Hair weaves are actually pretty amazing, though they’re not often anything to pull out the ceramic flat iron for. Actually, when you’re wearing a weave, it is strongly recommended that you keep away from heat products and instead rely on both chemical and natural products. Before we get too far into it, let’s talk about what a hair weave is and why it differs from a typical extension.

What is a Hair Weave and Why Should you Avoid the Ceramic Flat Iron?

A hair weave is a method of extending your natural hair. If you can’t wait for it to grow, or if you are having trouble growing it out period, a weave is sewn into your natural hair and will give you the long hair that you’ve always wanted. This is an outstanding way to get a better look, though you should note that it can be expensive, and it only lasts for 4-12 weeks. So, is there anything else that you need to know about it? Absolutely, and we’re going to start with some of the more obvious points. First of all, it takes a lot of work to take care of. Remember, your natural hair is going to be hidden underneath, and you won’t be able to reach it normally.

That said, if it becomes wet, it can generate a moldy smell, which will make you regret getting the weave at all. Trust us, it’s not something that you want to deal with when you’re laying in bed at night. Don’t worry, anyone with a hair weave can have healthy hair, it just takes a little bit of care. The one thing to note is that you will want to avoid a ceramic flat iron because your weave has no way to repair itself – keep that in mind.

How to Keep your Scalp in Good Shape

Anyone can wear a weave and keep their hair in good shape like we said, and the first thing you’re going to want to do is clean your scalp up. You will want to take a break from any curl relaxers or dyes to avoid breakage, and most importantly, you want to make sure that the scalp is clean. Get rid of the dead skin cells, and stop using hairspray. You don’t necessarily need to do this in order to get a weave, but the last thing that you ever want is to have dandruff flakes sitting around inside your weave. Trust us, it’s going to itch like crazy. If you need to, use a medicated shampoo with zinc pyrithione or selenium sulfide, and use it four times per week.

Oil Up your Scalp

Your hair and your scalp are going to need nourishment, so work your natural oils in underneath the weave. Remember this: if you are using human hair, then it probably won’t hurt to get a bit of product on it, but keep in mind that if you are using synthetic hair, it won’t be absorbed, and you’re going to end up with some seepage.

Keep it Loose

Do you want to know what the single biggest mistake that women make with hair extensions, or a weave is? Wearing it too tight. It might be tempting to do so, but it’s just going to put a ton of tension on your follicles, and your hair might even full out. Also keep in mind that a tighter weave may cause headaches, so if you feel that they are too tight while they are being put in, feel free to speak up! Your stylist won’t know if you don’t tell them!

Remember to Shampoo

You might not be able to use your ionic ceramic flat iron, but you can still use shampoo to keep your weave clean. Check out our Argan oil based shampoos and get your hair in good shape. Eventually, the weave has to come out, but there is no reason it can’t look great while it’s in. Follow our instructions and most importantly, make sure you use the best products.


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