How to Protect your Hair Color Effectively

Protect your Hair Color Effectively

When you’re using a ton of different products along with a ceramic flat iron, you have to start wondering what you might be doing to your hair, inadvertently anyway. The problem, is that heat, and chemicals, can definitely take a toll on your hair whether you want to admit it or not, and with that being the case, you want to protect two things: the integrity of your hair, and your hair color. Seriously, protecting your hair color can prove to be pretty difficult, but if you’re here, you already know that. So, how do you keep your hair protected? What process should you be using? It all starts with making sure that you’re using the highest quality products.

Use High-Quality Products

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is using lower quality hair color, and with that being the case, it is strongly recommended that you actually visit a hair stylist rather than heading to the store and grabbing a box product. Ask your hair stylist to use a professional hair color that includes conditioning properties. This will ensure that your hair is conditioned as the weeks go by, and it will help to maintain the moisture in your hair. This is especially important if you use ceramic flat irons, as they do put stress on your hair that needs to be mitigated.

Red Dye and Color Loss

Not surprisingly, red colors fade faster than others because their molecules are larger. That means they have a harder time penetrating the hair, and therefore, they dissipate quickly. If you want to go with red, make sure you’re using a high-definition color that causes the least stress to the cuticle.

Go Light on the Shampoo

If you want to keep the color in your hair for longer, we have a very simple piece of advice for you: stop washing your hair so often! Your hair contains natural oils, and every time you clean it, you strip it of those. This might be okay for regular hair, but if your hair has been colored, this will do a great job of causing the color to dull, so make sure that you’re only washing your hair twice per week, the rest of the time, try wearing a shower cap. On the in-between days, use a color safe dry shampoo at your roots to soak up the oil. Additionally, make sure that you’re waiting at least two days to shampoo your hair, as this will give the color time to set.

Lower the Water Temperature

You have a lot of heat products lying around, like your ionic ceramic flat iron, among others, but the last thing you want to do is expose your hair to heat, even when you’re just stepping into the shower. Hot water will leach the dye out of the hair by opening the strand and allowing the dye molecules to make their way out.

Ask Yourself if you Really Need the Shampoo

Your first instinct is to use shampoo in the shower, but sometimes, you should only use a moisturizing conditioner. Check out our Argan oil conditioner product as it will not only condition your hair but keep it healthy and give it shine. As always, make sure that when you do shampoo, you are conditioning alongside it as this will help your hair to look both shiny and evener.

Use the Best Products

The product that you use on your hair is definitely going to determine how long the color lasts, and dyed hair is going to require an especially good product. Instead of visiting the local drugstore, head to your salon and buy high-quality products that will protect and nurture your hair. It will be a bit more expensive, but it will protect your hair color and give you the best possible result. Keeping the color in your hair can be difficult but if you follow the instructions above, you stand a much better chance and should be able to keep your shine for longer.


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