How to Protect your Styling Job from the Wind

Freshly styled hair is no match for strong winds. Even the slightest breeze can turn a beautiful blowout into a bird’s nest. But windy weather does not mean beautiful hair has to be sacrificed. On windy days hair needs a little more tender loving care. Just like dry weather can damage hair, so can strong winds; even light winds or gusts can ruin a style in the blink of an eye. HSI wants to share our windy day hair tips so that people and wildlife alike never mistake hair on a windy day for a nest.

Keep Hair Hydrated

Dry, dehydrated hair is a breeding ground for unruly and unsightly styled hair. Whether air is cold and dry or warm and wet, the elements will always have an impact on the health of your hair. Adding wind to this mix only increases the damaging effects of an environment that is too dry or too warm. To keep locks hydrated avoid washing hair with shampoo daily. Let your natural oils nourish your scalp and use the HSI professional argan oil conditioner for soft and smooth ends. The argan oil in HSI professional products is lightweight, safe to use on all hair types including color, and is never tested on animals.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

Whipping, wailing, and flailing winds are rough on the ends of hair and can cause breakage or damage. On windy days it will help your styling job last longer by using a leave-in conditioning treatment on the ends of hair. We love the HSI professional argan oil leave-in treatment. This lightweight formula is safe for all hair types, even on color treated hair. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins that hair will love; of course do not just save leave-in conditioning treatments for windy days. Hydrated hair is happy hair. The HSI leave-in conditioning treatment can be used as both a hydrating treatment or a finishing and styling tool.

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Use a Silk Scarf

After a blow out the last thing any woman wants to do is tie her hair up and back. What is the point of a blowout if the whole world cannot enjoy it, too? Protect a fresh style with the use of a silk scarf. Silk does not cause friction and is a lightweight fabric. This means that a silk scarf will not make hair frizzy nor will it cause a new style to fall flat. Channel Audrey, Jackie, or Grace and fold a silk scarf into a triangular shape. Wrap the scarf around hair and be sure that all of the hair is inside the scarf. Tie a knot under the chin, throw on some oversized sunglasses, and take on the day!

Loose Pony Tail

If a silk scarf is not an option, an easy way to keep hair protected is with a loose ponytail. Even on Day 1 of a blowout, hair is safe to be tied up or tied back, just be sure that the ponytail is not tied too tightly so that a crease is created. Tying hair up and high will add volume and keep hair full. A low ponytail near the nape of the neck will protect hair but will not add the same amount of body as a high ponytail. HSI recommends using a high ponytail for Day 1 styles and a low ponytail for Day 2 or 3 and beyond.

Use a Brush

Sometimes saving a style is really as simple as just running a brush or comb through hair. With high winds hair is likely to get tangled and knotted which is what makes a style look messy and unsightly. We love using the HSI paddle hairbrush. The wide, flat paddle makes dealing with tangles a breeze. Safe to use on all hair types the HSI paddle hairbrush adds volume to hair thanks to the soft and flexible ionic bristles. This hairbrush is safe to use on all hair types.

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Messy is Chic

Once reserved for rock stars and their groupies, messy hair has been spotted on and off the runway. Celebrities and fashion models alike are embracing messy tresses and so are we at HSI. If the wind has tousled hair into something out of the wild, do not fret. First we suggest running a brush through hair to get out any knots or tangles that are present. We love the HSI paddle hairbrush for its wide, flat paddle that adds body to hair and removes tangles with ease. Next we will use a hydrating leave-in product like the HSI argan oil leave-in conditioner.

This leave-in treatment hydrates, nourishes, and boosts shine. It is lightweight and safe to use on all hair types. The argan oil in the HSI leave-in conditioning treatment is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Squeeze out a dime size amount and work through hair, focusing on ends. Once hair has been moisturized and tangles and knots have been safely and carefully removed, use a teasing comb or brush to rough up roots and select pieces of hair.

Starting from the mid section of hair work a teasing comb or brush upwards towards roots until desired chicness is achieved. Gently use a regular brush to smooth style out a bit. Set with a holding spray, preferably a medium hold spray if it is particularly windy, and take the day on with confidence and style.

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